Multinationals, domestic giants among Vietnam’s top 100 places to work

By Thi Ha   December 22, 2021 | 10:30 pm PT
Nestle Vietnam rose two places to become the best place to work in Vietnam this year, followed by Vietcombank and Viettel, a new survey has found.

They were followed by nutrition company Abbott Vietnam, beverage producers Coca-Cola Vietnam and Pepsico and vaccine distributor Pfizer Vietnam, according to a survey by recruitment company Anphabe and market research firm Intage.

Some companies that saw their positions improve include insurance company Manulife Vietnam, food producer Acecook Vietnam and healthcare firm Novartis Vietnam.

Top places to work in Vietnam in 2021. Photo courtesy of Anphabe

Top places to work in Vietnam in 2021. Photo courtesy of Anphabe

Other businesses that made it to the top 100 list of firms to work for this year include construction firm Saint-Gobain Vietnam, ride-hailing company Gojek Vietnam and brokerage BaoViet Securities.

The survey polled over 65,200 workers of 595 businesses nationwide from May to August.

It found that although the unemployment rate was high (2.52 percent of the total workforce), the ratio of people resigning was also high with 60 percent of respondents looking for a new job.

This trend, known as "The Great Resignation," is happening across the U.S., Europe and Asia, including Vietnam, the survey report said.

The survey also found that the emotion and reason attachment indices of employees were at a six-year low, along with the ratio of employees who want to commit long-term to their companies (46 percent).

The report said this could be explained by several factors including the changes in job due to Covid-19, exhaustion from high-pressure jobs and work-life imbalance.

The survey said that 17 percent of workers in Vietnam belong to the "job hoppers" category, meaning they believe that the ideal duration to commit to a company is two years.

Sixty percent of survey respondents were in the standard category, which says the ideal time is four to five years, and 19 percent in the loyal category, a 12-year duration, on average.

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