DTS Group invests in youth programs that foster future technology community

By Thy An   August 11, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
DTS Group aims to make Vietnam an innovative and technologically advanced country by promoting the growth of young, creative individuals and fostering innovation.

With the advancement of technology, young people often look for new and interesting experiences. In recent years, many events of various sizes have been organized to fulfill their needs, especially entertainment programs that combine community interests such as manga and comics.

In order to spread and bring new technology applications to the young generation in Vietnam, DTS Group is increasing investment in deploying annual international events, which have become more popular as the number of participants increases. Manga Comic Con 2022 attracted more than 20,000 attendees, Hobby Horizon had more than 30,000 attendees, and Manga Comic Con Vietnam 2023 attracted more than 40,000 people.

Events organized by DTS Group attract more and more young people to attend

Many young people attend DTS Group's technology event. Photo courtesy of DTS Group

In addition to major entertainment events, DTS Group also organizes Fintech and Blockchain events with leading universities and technology corporations throughout the country and Southeast Asia.

Last July, DTS cooperated with Ton Duc Thang University to hold the Application of Blockchain in Fintech, which attracted more than 200 students and 20 domestic and international lecturers and professors.

In August, DTS group cooperated with Klaytn (Korea) to co-organize the Klaytnovators Hackathon contest for programmers and students with a prize of more than VND300 million.

Chairman of the Digital Transformation Alliance DTS Group shared at the ICFME2023 event held with Ton Duc Thang University

Leon Truong, Chairman of DTS Group, speaks at the ICFME 2023. Photo courtesy of DTS Group

One of the important elements of DTS Group's youth investment strategy is to create a bridge between businesses and the young.

DTS group is gradually incorporating technology into the interests and lifestyles of young people so that they can soon access and apply the latest technologies, thereby creating a solid foundation for businesses to build and develop the community.

Leon Truong, chairman of the Digital Transformation Alliance DTS Group, said that DTS believed the young technology generation would create the future with innovative ideas and the ability to apply technology to reality.

Investing in young people and spreading technology programs and events for them is a mission not only of DTS but also of the Vietnamese business community.

"Creating a friendly environment and encouraging creativity among young people is the way to shape a prosperous future and sustainable development for the country. DTS Group is proud to contribute to the creation of a young generation of innovative technology in Vietnam and will continue to spread these values to the community and society."

DTS Group is a corporation specializing in providing services and solutions in the field of information technology and communication in Vietnam.

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