DTS group invests in Australian projects

By May Pham   January 9, 2023 | 09:00 pm PT
DTS Group has joined with Cornwalls, Algorand-AlgoHub and F5 collective funds to appraise and invest in potential projects in Australia.

The evaluated projects mostly focus on fields including physical, digital, and social networks.

Through the partnership, DTS Group will promote opportunities for Australian projects to connect and be incubated at the DTS Foundation as well as receive investment from Vietnam.

Within the framework of the program, DTS Group also signed a cooperation agreement with Cornwalls Capital to establish DTS Capital in Australia.

"The partnership between DTS Group and Cornwalls is expected to connect startups and entrepreneurs in Vietnam and Australia, helping them transform and scale internationally. By signing cooperation agreements with international funds, DTS Group wishes to bring many opportunities to technology startups in Vietnam and around the world on the journey to breakthrough, becoming the world's technology unicorn startup. DTS will definitely accompany the startup community throughout the process from seeding to entering the world market," said Truong Gia Bao, Chairman of DTS Group.

According to a Cornwalls representative, the Australian government is supportive and always creates conditions for technology development and digital transformation. Not only Queensland, any state in Australia is ready to welcome and support startups in the field of technology and digital transformation.

"With DTS Group's experiences and Cornwalls' network, this partnership will help create change, solve problems in different fields that technology and digital transformation startups are facing," Bao said.

DTS Group and Cornwalls representatives. Source: DTS

DTS Group and Cornwalls' representatives. Photo by DTS

Bao said that in the near future, DTS Group will also work with traditional Australian funds to increase capital for projects in the Vietnamese market.

Previously, in order to support startups to reach the international market, DTS Group and Cornwalls Capital also signed a cooperation agreement to support Vietnamese startups in the international market.

According to the Chairman of DTS Group, with experience and wide network, DTS Group and Cornwalls will jointly help Vietnamese startups have the opportunity to receive capital support, thereby, expand the scale of development.

DTS Group is an alliance of technology and media companies that supports SMEs in digital transformation. From mid-2021, DTS Group has directly supported blockchain startup projects, forming the DTS Foundation center.

DTS Foundation aims to become the leading incubator for startups in the field of technology and blockchain, with the goal of building an ecosystem to support startups in operating and developing businesses. DTS Foundation supports startups through providing capital, advising development strategies, connecting with partners domestically and internationally for cooperation opportunities.

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