Vietnam tops Southeast Asia in password cyberattacks

By Khuong Nha   May 20, 2024 | 07:51 pm PT
Vietnam suffered nearly 26 million password attacks aimed at users and businesses last year, the highest in Southeast Asia, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky.

It accounted for over 40% of all brute force attacks recorded and neutralized in the region, the company said in a report.

A brute force attack is a hacking method that uses trial and error to crack passwords and encryption keys, with hackers trying a large number of passwords until they find the right one.

Vietnam was followed by Indonesia (11.71 million attacks), Thailand (10.21 million) and Singapore (6.06 million).

Adrian Hia, managing director of Kaspersky's Asia-Pacific region, said that brute force attacks are a threat that businesses could not take lightly.

Whenever employees work with unsecured wifi networks or use remote access tools they are at risk of being hacked, he said.

The advancement of AI also makes data theft happen faster and more massively, he added.

To reduce risks users should use passwords that contain special characters, activate two-factor authentication and disable remote desktop protocol when not in use, he added.

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