Vietnamese mobile game a hit in Korea, China

By Bao Nam   August 15, 2018 | 05:46 am PT
Vietnamese mobile game a hit in Korea, China
Screenshot taken from Caravan War, a mobile game made by Vietnamese developer Hiker Games
A made-in-Vietnam mobile game has become very popular in South Korea and China, two major game markets in the world.

Caravan War, a strategic game in which players defend their base by building towers that can attack the enemy, hit the Korean Google Play Store on August 8 and was listed as one of the most favorite new games.

The game, made by Vietnamese developer Hiker Games, has also stayed in the top 15 paid games of the Chinese Apple Store since it became available for Chinese users in June. It even reached the fourth place on this list at some point. No other game in the list is made by a Vietnamese developer.

This is the first time a made-in-Vietnam mobile game has been imported into the Korean and Chinese market. It is usually the other way round.

“It’s too early to call Caravan War a ‘hit’ in China and Korea, but we are satisfied with the achievements so far,” said Tuan Huy, a representative of Hiker Games.

Although Chinese users need to pay just one yuan (14 cents) to play the game, it has been downloaded 100,000 times in the two months it has been available in this country.

“This number is not too impressive with a population of over a billion people, but these are the users that are willing to spend big on in-game items,” Huy said.

He added that Chinese users tend to spend three or four times more than an average user in other countries.

In South Korea, where the game is called Defence Avenger, the game has been labeled “unique and easy to play with many modes to discover” by Korean game site Hungryapp.

The game was rated 4.9 out of 5 on Korean Google Play Store, 4.6 on the international Google Play Store and 4.7 on the international Apple Store.

Vietnam has produced few mobile games that has caught the world’s attention.

The most famous one was Flappy Bird in 2014. Made by Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong, the game was a huge hit with over 50 million players before it was removed from the app stores due to guilt over what he considered to be its addictive nature and overuse. 

At its peak, the game fetched Dong about $50,000 a day in advertising.

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