Toyota recalls cars over loose bolts

By My Anh   August 4, 2020 | 02:32 am PT
Toyota recalls cars over loose bolts
Inside Toyota's factory in the northern Vinh Phuc Province. Photo courtesy of Toyota.
Toyota Vietnam has called back 721 vehicles to fix a bolt issue that could stall operation.

The recall, starting Monday, involves 183 Innovas and 538 Fortuners, manufactured between January 21 and May 11.

The affected vehicles were equipped with automatic transmissions, in which the flywheel is connected to the torque converter by six bolts. Automaker Toyota Vietnam said due to errors in the assembly process, these bolts may not be tightened as usual and might come loose when the vehicle is operating.

Loose bolts create abnormal noise in the engine compartment when the driver applies the brake pedal, or when shifting gears. In special cases, the vehicle cannot move.

Car owners can take their vehicles to a Toyota dealership for tightening the bolts which would take between 20-30 minutes.

Last year, Toyota was the best-selling car brand in Vietnam with 78,795 units sold, followed by TC Motor with 69,916 Hyundai cars.

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