TikTok enters Vietnam’s digital ads market

By Vien Thong   July 16, 2019 | 07:06 pm PT
TikTok enters Vietnam’s digital ads market
The TikTok logo appears on the screen of an IPhone. Photo by AFP.
Short-form video hosting service TikTok has begun running advertisements on its site, competing against the likes of Facebook and Google.

The site began to pilot ads on its video streaming platform since the beginning of this year, according to Lionel Sim, senior director of global marketing and business solutions for TikTok Ads. It had run a campaign for a client that "has achieved outstanding results with about 9 million impressions in a week, twice as much as the industry average."

TikTok now has many forms of advertising in Vietnam, including hashtag challenges, where advertisers challenge the community to post videos on a certain topic, in-feed ads, or Brand Takeover ads which appear on the screen. Tiktok also pays content creators to make promotional videos.

According to a statement released in March, Tiktok had 12 million regular users per month, and over 1,000 official content creators, artists, influencers and content producers in Vietnam.

Data of market researcher ANTS shows that Vietnam’s digital advertising revenue is around $550 million in 2018, of which Facebook and Google pocketed around $235 million and $152.1 million, respectively. Together they accounted for around 70 percent of Vietnam’s digital ad revenue.

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