Shopping tickets allocate market time to Hanoi families

By  Anh Minh   July 27, 2021 | 04:30 am PT
Shopping tickets allocate market time to Hanoi families
A sample shopping ticket being issued to residents of Hanoi’s Nhat Tan Ward. Photo by Linh Thuy.
The Nhat Tan and Buoi wards in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District have begun distributing odd and even day shopping tickets for households to buy groceries from local markets.

The households are also given one groceries shopping time slot for Sunday.

Each household is entitled to shopping tickets for the 15-day social distancing period declared in the capital city. Each ticket states the household representative’s name, address and the four days per week they are allowed out to get groceries (three odd or even days, plus Sunday). The shopping time is limited to an hour.

Thuy said she was surprised to receive the stamps Monday. "The markets are still crowded these days. I have been worried despite maintaining distance with other shoppers. The date allocation will reduce the number of people entering the market at a time."

Nhat Tan chairman Dang Huu Tien said that starting Monday, locals must carry these tickets when shopping for groceries to minimize the number of customers entering the markets at a time. Adjustments will be made when necessary.

Besides, the ward also distributes labor cards permitting one person per household to work on local peach farms during this period. District officials have said that the food stamps will issued in all wards soon.

Hanoi began a 15-day social distancing period starting July 24 to prevent a major outbreak, as case numbers increase and the risk of hidden community clusters rises.

There are 459 traditional markets, 28 shopping centers, 123 supermarkets, 1,800 convenient stores, 141 chain stores, and tens of thousands of grocery shops in Hanoi.

Hanoi has recorded 981 cases since the fourth Covid-19 outbreak began on April 27, 81 of which were recorded on July 26 alone.

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