Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s net worth jumps 26-fold in 5 years

By Dat Nguyen   May 25, 2024 | 09:13 pm PT
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s net worth jumps 26-fold in 5 years
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Photo by Reuters
Jensen Huang, the CEO and president of chip giant Nvidia, has seen his net worth surging 26-fold to almost $94 billion in five years as demand for chips rise.

Huang’s net worth, which mostly came from his share in the company, was around $3.5 billion in 2019, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Nvidia has been shooting up in recent months and reached a new peak on Thursday, sending Huang’s net worth up.

The company posted a record quarterly revenue of $26 billion in the first three months.

It expects a revenue of $28 billion this quarter, which signals to investors that demand for AI chip remains strong.

Hung, who owns a 3.5% stake in Nvidia, saw his net worth climbing $7.7 billion on Friday alone as the shares rose 9%.

Nvidia shares have doubled in price so far this year. Last year, they tripled.

The company is seen as a bellwether of the burgeoning AI industry and has a market value of about $2.6 trillion, making it the third-largest company on Wall Street, behind Microsoft and Apple, according to Reuters.

Huang established Nvidia in 1993 to make chips for games. The boom of AI application, especially ChatGPT of OpenAi, has caused a surge in demand for Nvidia chips.

Nvidia now accounts for 80% of the share of AI chip in the world.

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