Google plans a representative office in Vietnam

By Dat Nguyen   December 12, 2018 | 12:40 am PT
Google plans a representative office in Vietnam
The logo of Google is pictured during the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit in Paris, France, May 25, 2018. Photo by Reuters
A senior Google official says the tech behemoth is studying the process of opening a representative office in Vietnam.

Google senior vice president Kent Walker told Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue at a meeting Tuesday that the opening of a rep office in the country would follow the principle of ensuring that host country regulations do not contradict the firm’s international commitments.

A report on the government website also quoted Walker as saying that he agreed with the Vietnamese government on the need for cyber-security to ensure a stable society. Google will cooperate with authorities in achieving this goal, he said.

The rep office announcement came as Vietnam’s cybersecurity law is set to take effect next month. The law requires digital businesses like Facebook and Google to open a representative office in Vietnam.

Deputy PM Hue said that he appreciated Google’s contribution to a draft decree on guidelines to implement the law and ensure cyber-safety and security.

"Vietnam’s market advantages and the adaptability of its young workforce will be attractive factors for Google to open a representative office in Vietnam," he said.

Meanwhile, a Google spokesperson told Reuters Wednesday: "We remain very excited to see how technology is being used by businesses and people in Vietnam. There are a number of different factors we look at before opening an office, but we have nothing to announce at this time."

Vietnam’s Cybersecurity Law, which was passed in June, requires tech businesses to store the data of Vietnamese users in Vietnam, and to provide this data to the Ministry of Public Security upon receipt of requests in writing, in cases where any infringement of the cybersecurity law is being investigated.

Seventeen U.S. lawmakers in July urged the CEOs of tech giants Facebook and Google to resist changes stipulated by the law.

However, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reasserted that the cybersecurity law is designed to protect rights of organizations and individuals

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