Chinese employees play game for year-end bonus totaling $1.4M

By Minh Hieu   February 19, 2024 | 08:41 pm PT
Chinese employees play game for year-end bonus totaling $1.4M
100 yuan bills being counted. Photo by Freepik
Electric hoist and gantry crane manufacturer Henan Kuangshan Crane gave out a total of US$14 million to its employees as year-end bonuses through a money counting competition game.

At the firm’s year-end party, an intriguing game unfolded when countless 100-yuan ($14) bills, totaling 100 million yuan, were spread across a 50-meter-long table, according to the South China Morning Post.

The objective was simple: each employee would draw a lottery to see how much time they had to grab and count as many bills as they could.

The timeframe for this thrilling activity ranged from one minute to 15 minutes.

For every incorrectly counted note, a hefty 1,000 yuan would be removed from the prize.

The firm deployed 20 money-counting machines to ensure accurate results.

The firm’s entire workforce of 5,000 was invited to partake in the competition, and one lucky employee pocketed a whopping 97,800 yuan ($13,586).

The top prize was so heavy that several people reportedly had to help carry it down from the stage, according to AsiaOne.

This gesture, which some called "grand generosity," was not an isolated incident for the Henan Kuangshan Crane as it had orchestrated a similar event in 2019.

The firm often garners attention for its lavish year-end bonus schemes.

The previous year, it awarded 61 million yuan (US$8.5 million) in bonuses to 40 outstanding employees for their exceptional performance, with each of the top three salespeople receiving a remarkable five million yuan.

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