Aniday, an online recruitment platform for job-shortage era

By Thy An   June 13, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
Online recruitment platform Aniday has developed innovative solutions to address the frustrations and time-consuming hurdles faced by job seekers.

In Southeast Asia, digital transformation is reshaping industries and even revolutionizing the recruitment sector.

As the demand for job opportunities continues to soar, the region has been witnessing a surge of online recruitment platforms in recent years, all striving to enhance accessibility for users of every kind.

According to reports by Aniday, nearly 250 million individuals in Southeast Asia sought jobs online in 2023, marking a 10% increase from the previous year.

Approximately 75% of these job seekers utilize more than one online recruitment platform to expand their job search channels.

Moreover, 150 million white-collar workers switch jobs every 2 years, with each transition phase taking an average of two months.

This signifies the intense competitiveness of the online job market since every job seeker attempts to enhance their visibility to employers across multiple platforms, even though the number of available positionsremains static.

However, the traditional approach of one-way applications may not be as effective as it seems due to the lack of direct interaction with the employers.

This method can consume valuable time and effort without making a lasting impression on the employer.

The efficiency of these platforms, which lies primarily in their ability to match candidates with suitable job openings, remains a critical challenge.

"Increasing the matching efficiency by just 20% can significantly impact the overall talent market, helping more than 20 million people find jobs faster and assisting employers in hiring more quickly," said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Aniday.

Demand for job opportunities continues to soar. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Demand for job opportunities continues to soar. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Having been addressing challenges in the job market since 2019, Aniday identified this recurring issue and introduced a transformative solution called the "Chat Model."

As a hiring platform directly connecting job seekers with headhunters, recruiters, and hiring managers through an innovative chat-based system, Aniday enhances the recruitment method by bypassing the traditional, often cumbersome, one-way application process.

Boasting over 30,000 headhunters across the region, Aniday offers a more efficient and direct approach to job matching.

For job seekers, Aniday connects them directly with headhunters who will provide comprehensive support, from scouting job prospects and reviewing resumes to referring suitable opportunities and negotiating salaries.

This direct interaction with professionals would provide candidates with extensive industry insights, enhance job-seeking experiences, and increase the chance of landing the desired jobs.

Meanwhile, for employers, Aniday bridges the gap between them and a vast network of dedicated headhunters and recruiters who can source talents globally with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, the platform also utilizes proprietary AI and data insights to suggest and ensure accurate matches, streamlining the hiring process and significantly reducing time-to-fill for job openings.

Besides, understanding the dynamic cross-border recruitment landscapes and the demand for expatriate talents from businesses, Aniday also provides Employer of Record (EOR) services to support employment in foreign countries.

They handle all legal responsibilities in accordance with local labor regulations, lifting the burden of international job-seeking for candidates and of cross-border hiring for employers.

Aniday’s innovative chat-based system. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Aniday’s innovative chat-based system. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Getting started with Aniday’s platform is simple. Within less than two minutes, job seekers can create an account and begin their job search journey.

Users can either navigate through the homepage, which showcases job listings by category, or search for suitable positions based on title or location.

From there, job seekers can connect with headhunters through job openings or reach out directly via the Recruiter Directory for tailored job suggestions and consultation support.

Simply by clicking Chat, users can start the conversation with a recruiter or headhunterimmediately, supported by pre-set messages like "Can I send youmy resume?" or "Can I go to your company for an interview?" with a guaranteed 100% response rate.

Candidates can also attach their CV files in the chatbox, simplifying the information exchange process without the need to switch to another time-consuming application.

The secret behind the success of Aniday's "Chat Model" lies in its transparency and user-friendly design, perfectly aligned with modern work styles to enhance communication convenience.

Beyond this, each headhunter on this platform offers unique strengths and extensive experience, providing exceptional support to job seekers.

Anidays billboard at an MRT station. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Aniday's billboard at an MRT station. Photo courtesy of Aniday

Amid the job-shortage era, Aniday not only aims to improve the matching efficiency in the job market but also redefines the recruitment landscape in Southeast Asia, in which the initiative is provided to job seekers, creating meaningful connections between candidates and employers and accelerating the overall job-seeking process.

Toan Nguyen, CEO of Aniday, announced four consecutive profitable years, with a remarkable 200% revenue growth in 2023, indicating their pivotal role as a crucial resource for both job seekers and businesses.

However, no tool can reach its full potential if users do not know how to utilize it effectively.

While Anidayprovides a convenient way to ease direct connections, job seekers need to actively highlight their compatibility with potential employers.

Aniday encourages candidates to showcase their skills, demonstrate how they can contribute to the company, outline their expected career progression, and illustrate how they align with the company’s culture.

By initiating this, they can stand out from other competitors and improve their chances of landing their desired job.

This approach ensures mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between employees and companies, promoting lasting success for both parties.

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