Chicilon Media's elevator digital media channel effectiveness

By Thy An   April 24, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
Chicilon Media's 36,000-advertising-screen system reaches up to 40 million users every day, providing effective media solutions for many businesses.

Guo Zhi Feng, Founder and Chairman of Chicilon Media, considers advertising not simply a tool to convey information but also an important way to attract attention and create a lasting impression in customers' minds.

Accordingly, Chicilon Media has developed an elevator digital media channel aimed at attracting viewers' attention.

Viewers are easily attracted and pay attention to advertising content at close range. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Viewers’ attention are easily drawn to advertising content at close range. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

According to recent statistics on smartphone users in Southeast Asia from Insider Intelligence, in 2023 the number of smartphone users in Vietnam reached over 63 million people, far exceeding Chicilon's number of 36,000 elevator advertising screens.

Though the number is disproportionate, using elevator advertising channels still brings different benefits and impacts.

According to a Chicilon Media representative, the elevator digital media channel targets middle- and high-end audiences.

"The network covers middle- and high-end apartment buildings and offices, in locations that must be passed by every day, with a high broadcast frequency, not affected by external factors, able to reach viewers in close range and a passive state," the representative said. "Advertisements are broadcast while viewers are waiting idly, so the effectiveness of this advertising channel is very high."

In addition, screens in elevators are often much larger than those of smartphones. The large size shows the display of advertising content with high resolution and clearer details, highlighting the advertising content and creating lasting impression.

On the contrary, advertising on smartphone devices concerns many people. According to a research by Captivate earlier this year, up to 80% of consumers choose to skip sponsored ads, with only 4 out of 100 impressions attracting the viewer's attention for more than one second.

The elevator media channel has a large audience reach and cannot-be-ignored characteristics. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

The elevator media channel has a large audience reach and unignorable characteristics. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Therefore, brands care about the ability to both optimize costs to bring the best advertising impacts and make it impossible for consumers to refuse advertising.

In this current situation, the elevator digital media channels with above advantages are expected to become a suitable choice for businesses to accelerate their brand recognition in the market.

Chicilon Media currently owns building elevator media resources with wide coverage and advanced technology equipment, meeting market needs in the new era.

The building elevator media channel that the company operates has won gold awards at international advertising festivals for being "The most effective media channel" and "The most valuable media channel for investment", among others.

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