Chicilon Media’s development strategy for the elevator advertising channel

By Thy An   May 9, 2024 | 12:30 am PT
Chicilon Media uses a pioneering strategy to expand its market, prioritizing the selection of optimal installation locations and investing in technology to create competitive advantages.

Chicilon Media currently owns 37,000 advertising screens, covering more than 3,600 buildings, accounting for 92% of building elevator media market share that meets the exploitation standard, and leading the market.

To reach this milestone, the company has applied three strategies to optimize the impact of advertising in order to increase significantly the proportion of viewers exposed to displayed content, thereby attracting customers to use the service.

Chicilon Medias advertising screens are installed in the elevator lobbies of high-class buildings. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Chicilon Media's advertising screens in the elevator lobby of a high-class building. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Strategic location

According to a Chicilon Media representative, the company understands that the right advertising positions have an important influence on the target audience.

Therefore, it only prioritizes placing screens in buildings having over 11 floors, and a floor area of more than 300 square meters. This strategy ensures that the ad can be displayed in a good position, maximizing its impact on the target audience.

Compete and expand

Guo Zhi Feng, Chairman of Chicilon Media, assessed that today, the entry of new competitors in the same industry makes competition in the elevator advertising market increasingly fierce.

These units mainly make use of locations that Chicilon Media has never exploited, such as in the basements and inside freight elevators.

To improve competitiveness, Chicilon Media has actively built trust with more than 700 major domestic and foreign brands.

Invest in technology

The use of modern technology is one of Chicilon Media's differences compared to its competitors.

The company uses high-end screens from AUO (Taiwan), which not only provide good display impact and high degree of safety but also meet aesthetic criteria. These screens ensure display images are sharp and vivid.

Thanks to the application of new technology, Chicilon Media's devices all meet the network information security requirements of Viettel Cyber Security (VCS).

Chicilons TV screens meet IoT device safety standards. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Chicilon's TV screens meet IoT device safety standards. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

The representative confirms that Chicilon Media will continue to take advantage of the technology and strategy to promote creative advertising solutions not only in Vietnam but also in international markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

The company strives to define the future of the elevator digital advertising industry by creating great market value and influencing more consumer groups.

Continuing to push the boundaries of creativity and quality will open up many opportunities to develop for businesses in the future.

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