BioFix Fresh, Envera sign biotech development strategy

By Phong Van   February 10, 2022 | 07:00 pm PT
BioFix Fresh Co., Ltd has signed with Envera LLC. (USA) on strategic cooperation and technological support to produce microbial products to mitigate environmental problems in Vietnam.

Under the partnership agreement, Envera LLC. will be the original supplier of high-quality and high-density microorganisms for BioFix Fresh in the first phase, and in the next phase supporting technology transfer - the process of ensuring the BioFix Fresh team can gradually master and own the technological process and equipment in the field of production of biological products to treat environmental pollution.

Envera LLC. is a unit with extensive experience and research achievements, providing the original source of microbial materials not only in the U.S. but also in many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, in order to promote and disseminate solutions to environmental pollution by modern biotechnology.

Application of microorganisms in wastewater treatment. Photo by BioFix Fresh

Application of microorganisms in wastewater treatment. Photo by BioFix Fresh

BioFix Fresh is investing in a professional-scale factory in Can Giuoc industrial park, Long An. The company has cooperated with reputable domestic units, urgently implementing factory design and construction before Lunar New Year.

According to Bach Thanh Thuy, managing director of BioFix Vietnam, with urgent issues in environmental protection today, biotechnology has been and is still playing an important role in promoting the global circular economy. Biotechnology effectively treats wastewater pollution, by-products, waste products, ... without causing secondary pollution and creating an energy source, biomass can be recycled in production, serving the trend of a green economy. Thereby, helping businesses optimize costs, demonstrating responsibility to the community, creating sustainable values for the environment, and contributing to improving the position of enterprises.

"In addition, with the project of developing the environmental industry to 2025, it will open many challenges and opportunities for the biotechnology industry in Vietnam."

Microbiological autonomy

With the support from partner Envera, BioFix Fresh can gradually bring more value to the biotechnology market for environmental remediation in Vietnam and the whole ASEAN region. This cooperation and strategy in the near future will have vital effects by reducing costs, thereby bringing stability to prices as well as minimizing disruptions in the global supply chain, especially in today's volatile world environment.

Application of microorganisms in odor control. Photo by BioFix Fresh

Application of microorganisms in odor control. Photo by BioFix Fresh

Besides, external factors such as epidemics, natural disasters... also cause serious obstacles to the supply value chain, greatly affecting the business activities of most companies. BioFix Fresh aims to make sustainable biological solutions more accessible to businesses in Vietnam and the ASEAN region with the goal of limiting environmental pollution.

Environmental commitments and responsibilities

BioFix step by step transforms green packaging. Photo by BioFix Fresh

BioFix transforms green packaging step by step. Photo by BioFix Fresh

BioFix Fresh has also been gradually executing its commitments, joining hands to overcome environmental pollution with the smallest actions from converting environmentally friendly green packaging that is easily degradable; giving preference to the use of biological products instead of chemical methods; actively participating in projects of green development, bioelectricity, wastewater treatment with domestic and foreign partners like WWF, GIZ, VB4E, Water: Hub.

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