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AIA Vitality inspires healthy living

Every morning at 5 a.m., Thanh Thuy, 29, puts on her running shoes, a habit that has helped her complete 21 km and 42 km races 11 times over the past year.

Thuy runs for 30 minutes every day. She chose a park near her home as a practice location. She walks, stretches, then returns home to prepare breakfast in order to be on time for work. Thuy had never played any sport before. She changed her lifestyle and became a "fan" of running after participating in the AIA Vitality health care program in 2022.

Starting with small-scale tournaments, she worked her way up to a half-marathon and then a full marathon.

Thuy, who does not place too much stress on achievements, sees sporting activities as pieces of the puzzle that complete the picture of living a healthy lifestyle and loving oneself every day.

Dang Hoang Son, 30, like Thuy, participated in a variety of pastimes, from architectural sketching to piano playing to photography, but he dislikes exercise. However, Son, on the other hand, has maintained his enthusiasm to get up early every day after participating in AIA Vitality sports challenges for several months. "I could climb mountains, run trails, and complete a distance of 21 km, which I always thought was unimaginable," he said.

AIA has motivated 10,000 people to live healthier lives, including Thuy and Son.

This October marked the one-year anniversary of Vitality AIA's efforts to encourage the spirit of athletics among its employees, clients, and partners. They asked one another to form exercise groups to practice from street corners to parks.

At the end of the session, everyone opened the phone app, excited to see how many healthy living points they had gained and what weekly and monthly challenges remained unfinished and encouraged one another to keep trying.

More than just a physical activity scoring app, AIA Vitality is a program helping users choose healthier lifestyles through tools, support, and incentives to encourage positive habits such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and regular health check-ups.

It also represents a long-term visionary effort by AIA Vietnam. Right from the moment of launch, it has had a mission: helping Vietnamese people live healthier, longer, and better lives.

In February, AIA Vietnam integrated the healthy living program with AIA Vitality into the integrated life insurance product "Uplift your life 10+ with Vitality" to realize the brand promise. In addition to shopping vouchers, customers will also receive a maximum bonus of 40% of the amount insured when practicing a healthy lifestyle and upgrading to AIA Vitality.

After getting acquainted with AIA Vitality, the company has continuously implemented many interesting challenges, gradually creating healthier living habits for employees in the first year of membership.

One of the most dramatic challenges includes 100 hours of conquering Son Doong, the Quang Binh Discovery Marathon 2023, the Vitality 10+ Race, and awakening to a healthy lifestyle with AIA Vitality, with the prize of the opportunity to see Tottenham Hotspurs, the AIA Global Brand Ambassador, compete in Singapore.

In addition, there are countless challenges to encourage members to live healthily so they can receive vouchers from VND50,000-500,000, and up to VND9 million per year.

According to Tran Thi Ai Lien, Chief Human Resources Officer, AIA Vietnam, AIA Vitality consistently brings "healthy living hormones" day by day, month by month, into the blood of each employee.

"The result after a year of perseverance is that 100% of AIA Vietnam employees understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, 80% of employees actively interact with AIA Vitality, 75% of employees have achieved Silver membership or higher, and 48% of employees are confirmed to be completely healthy (via insurance claim numbers)," Lien said.

The whole program, which has nearly 10,000 members, of which 28% are Silver or over with an average interaction rate of 40%, has shown impressive results after only one year of launch.

Silver rank means each person must reach 10,000–20,000 points. Composite score from activities: basic health check (maximum 5,000 points per year), weekly exercise challenge (15,000 points per year), sleep improvement (1,830 points per year), fish task medical examination (500 points per year), dental examination (1,000 points per year), or in-depth screening (1,000 points each).

"AIA Vietnam believes that to convey the message of healthy living to customers, each employee and agent must be someone who 'loves and practices wholeheartedly' this lifestyle, every day," Lien said.

AIA Vitality is also considered the "backbone" for the series of physical training activities, part of the well-being benefits program with four pillars: physical strength, financial strength, mental strength, and inner strength for the AIA Vietnam team.

Wanda Britton, Chief Customer Officer of AIA Vietnam, said that the synchronous and comprehensive implementation of their customer-centric strategy has helped them rise to No. 1 in the 2023 Net Promoter Score, a customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, according to IPSOS Vietnam research.

Phung Ba Khang, Chief Marketing and Proposition Officer said that AIA Vitality is strongly contributing to three of the five pillars of the group's ESG strategy.

Across 10 markets, AIA is pursuing its ambition to become a global leader in sustainable development by comprehensively implementing five pillars: Health & Wellness, Sustainable Investment, Sustainable Operations, People and Culture, and Effective Governance for customers, shareholders, employees, partners, and communities.

Since 2020, AIA Vietnam has transformed itself from the role of "payer" in life insurance to a "partner" throughout the customer's life (payer-to-partner).

By 2022, the company has proposed a health-led strategy, of which AIA Vitality is one of the key programs that govern many products, services, and community activities.

AIA Vitality began to cooperate with athletics queen Nguyen Thi Oanh, a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, to further expand the spirit of healthy living to the whole community.

AIA Vietnam coordinates with healthy living knowledge training service providers to develop a training roadmap to help improve common medical knowledge about healthcare skills for all consulting teams.

Notably, the Healthy Academy attracted 2,667 people to participate in training courses, and 200 people were certified by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCMC.

The company also cooperated with the Medical Publishing House to create the ebook "A Complete Healthy Living Guide", which provides information to proactively identify and prevent 45 serious diseases, including cancer.The "Song hanh Y te" program, in cooperation with Teladoc Health, is also always ready, supporting 110,000 customers when they need health advice.

In the People and Culture pillar, AIA Vitality has become an essential part of the internal culture, fulfilling a comprehensive employee well-being experience.

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