Ahamove launches GenAI virtual assistant for restaurants

By Thy An   May 14, 2024 | 09:00 pm PT
Breaking even after 5 years of establishment, reaching double-digit growth, and becoming the pioneering profitable ride-hailing delivery application in Vietnam, Ahamove's tip for success is technology.

In late 2022, the logistic market in Vietnam was more vibrant as Ahamove collaborated with Vinfast to launch Vietnam's first electric motorbike taxi service.

Instead of focusing on cargo transport, Ahamove ran the AhaFast service using a VinFast Feliz S electric motorbike in Da Nang.

After one year, the company announced that it had cooperated with Aura Network, Vietnam's leading blockchain service provider, supported by FPT Group, to launch Ride to Earn, a smokeless vehicle service, to further improve users’ experiences, marking an impressive milestone for the brand in making an effort to apply blockchain technology in transport service.

Ahamove launches AhaFast, one of Vietnams first electric motorbike ride-hailing services. Photo courtesy of Ahamove

Ahamove launches AhaFast, one of Vietnam's first electric motorbike ride-hailing services. Photo courtesy of Ahamove

A push to accelerate in 2024

Following the success of 2022, in mid-March 2024, Ahamove launched the virtual assistant software Aha AI chatbot in Da Nang.

OpenAI's latest autogenous GPT4 technology is applied to the product, which is integrated into Facebook direct messages as much as possible, helping restaurants and eateries keep in touch with customers, manage orders, and place orders completely automatically.

GPT4 is currently one of the largest language models (LLM) that enhances the ability to handle customer conversations for Facebook chatbots.

With several parameters up to trillions, the model can clearly understand complex linguistic nuances, including teen texting codes, acronyms, combinations of Vietnamese and English... helping the chatbots easily respond to diverse text input.

GPT4 also helps the chatbots accurately manage many booking parameters, encourages users to re-engage, and improves the effectiveness of business on Facebook.

In addition, GPT4 allows Facebook chatbots to effectively carry out complex instructions from prompt engineers, especially when recommending dishes and collecting orders.

After making a recommendation, the chatbots will collect necessary order details such as dishes, quantities, toppings, and customers' notes.

GPT4 also enhances chatbot capability by integrating function calling, which specifically lets the Ahamove API suggest locations and make orders.

Ahamoves shipper handing food to customer. Photo courtesy of Ahamove

Ahamove's deliveryman handing food to customer. Photo courtesy of Ahamove

Having many features and handling customers' requests flexibly, Ahamove's virtual assistant supports restaurants in answering customers on their fan pages, handling multiple requests at the same time, and providing 24/7 customer service without hiring more staff.

Then, the orders will be automatically transferred to Ahamove's drivers, who will be able to deliver them to customers within a maximum of 20 minutes.

Thus, restaurants can develop their own sales channels without depending on other technology platforms.

Accordingly, electric vehicle service, blockchain, and AI are strong evidence of Ahamove's serious process of researching and searching for technology solutions.

The community has favored Ahamove's Aha AI Chatbot as it supports business households in optimizing their business performance as well as saving costs, offering customers additional information channels to experience more food delivery services.

"After the test run in Da Nang, we will further improve the product and expand into the big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and the region in the coming time. That helps increase Ahamove’s competitiveness and give the community further access to the latest technology," says a representative of Ahamove.

Experience Aha AI Chatbot here.

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