American streamer gets a beating after challenging MMA fighter

By Moc Tra   February 22, 2024 | 05:55 am PT
American influencer and streamer Sneako did not take mixed martial arts seriously as a combat sport and even challenged a former UFC middleweight champion to a bout.

The result was predictable.

Sean Strickland, 32, an American MMA middleweight champ, had taken no time to accept the challenge.

He dominated Sneako in the bout earlier this month, not giving him a single chance to strike. Though Sneako was able to stand on his feet until the end, he got bloodied and had many poking fun at him for disrespecting MMA, according to Sportskeeda.

Strickland kept going with his sparring session though people outside the cage threw in a towel several times.

The bout was livestreamed on social media.

Besides saying MMA is a sport that is only for show and has no practical use, Sneako went as far as to claim he could defeat pro-MMA fighters.

The 25-year-old, real name Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, is an internet personality who had over two million subscribers on his Youtube channel until he got banned from the platform for repeatedly violating community guidelines.

He is now a streamer on Rumble.

Sneako gets beaten by MMA fighter Sean Strickland. Video taken from Instagram

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