Vietnamese singer has accident while pole dancing on Chinese TV show

By Phong Kieu   July 7, 2023 | 05:50 pm PT
The latest episode of China’s hit TV show “Sisters Who Make Waves” on Friday showed that singer Chi Pu fell on her back while practicing pole dancing.

During a practice session, Chi Pu was spinning on the pole when she reached out her hands to pull dancer Xie Xin up.

In a moment of carelessness, Chi Pu slipped her hand from her partner and fell flat on her back. The fall of the Vietnamese singer caught the coach and crew off guard. Everyone immediately rushed to Chi Pu to check on her.

Singer Chi Pu during her pole dancing performance in Sisters Who Make Waves on July 7, 2023. Photo by Weibo/Sisters Who Make Waves

Singer Chi Pu during her pole dancing performance in "Sisters Who Make Waves" on July 7, 2023. Photo by Weibo/Sisters Who Make Waves

After lying on the ground for a few seconds, Chi Pu tried to sit up. Her face was pale but she kept saying she was fine to reassure everyone. Chi Pu refused to go to hospital and continued to discuss the performance with Xie Xin and suggested that the pace should be slowed down.

The singer even made a few jokes to ease the intense atmosphere after the fall. She said: "When I fell, I knew I had to protect this beautiful face, so I let my back hit the ground instead."

Chi Pu's agent said that she did not need to go to hospital after the accident, but the fall was painful to her. The process of practicing with Xie Xen for the performance left many bruises on Chi Pu’s body.

In this performance, Xie Xen is Chi Pu’s partner and also opponent. After showing a sexy and cute look in the previous episodes, Chi Pu wants to show her strong and cool side. This is the first time that she tried pole dancing. Every day of practice and every movement was painful to her.

Chi Pu said backstage: "I'm not a professional pole dancer. After only a few days of practice, I had to do many difficult movements. I tried my best to concentrate to complete the performance."

Before that, the 30-year-old singer, her teammate–opponent Xie Xen, the director and the choreographer discussed the performance in a meeting. Chi Pu also came up with many ideas for the performance.

As a teammate and an opponent, Xie Xen said that she respects Chi Pu.

"The bruises make me respect her even more because she really appreciates the stage."

For Chi Pu, these injuries are nothing, because these hardships are her choice.

"I have a responsibility to bring my team to the final," Chi Pu said.

In this episode, Chi Pu won with 506 votes, beating Xie Xen who had 479.

Of the 33 female stars competing in the fourth season of the hit TV show "Sisters Who Make Waves", Chi Pu is the only representative of Vietnam. The language barrier didn’t make it difficult for her to connect with other contestants. She left a good first impression thanks to her stunning visual then comes the performances, as well as her considerate and lovable characteristics. She gradually gained the love of other female celebrities throughout each episode.

Since debuting in 2020, "Sisters Who Make Waves" has been one of China's top-rated reality TV shows.

Thirty-three contestants will show off their talents in solo and team performances, and those who get the highest scores will be chosen to form a new girl group.

Chi Pu falls during pole dancing practice. Video by Mango TV

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