Vietnamese fans sing, dance to English pop group 911’s songs

By Hieu Nhan   February 15, 2023 | 02:59 am PT
Hundreds of Vietnamese fans sang and danced to the songs of English pop group 911 at their concert on Valentine’s Day.

The three members of 911 wearing simple outfits appeared on stage to the cheers of the fans at their Valentine’s Day concert on Tuesday. They kicked off the show with "Night To Remember," their debut single released in 1996. The song has an upbeat tune with a simple choreography that shakes up the atmosphere. The group chanted "Vietnam" many times and asked the fans to sing and dance along.

911 performs "Night To Remember". Video by VnExpress/Hieu Nhan

Member Lee Brennan constantly complimented Vietnamese fans on how beautiful and passionate they are. Jimmy Constable asked the crowd questions like "Who’s single tonight?" and "Who came here with your partner?" which excited the audience.

"I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day," Constable said. "We will make this a memorable night. Let’s enjoy the music together!"

During the show, Brennan asked the audience to turn on flashlights on their mobile phones to create a romantic atmosphere.

The band took the fans back in time with 10 of their hits from the 1990s, including "Don’t Make Me Wait," "All I Want Is You," "The Day We Find Love," "A Little Bit More" and "Love Sensation".

The group had a number of energetic performances between a series of ballads. The auditorium seemed to explode when the upbeat melody of "Party People" and "Body Shaking" were performed. Despite the small stage, the three members still performed many complex dance moves that excited everyone.

911 performs "Body Shaking". Video by Hieu Nhan

Before performing "2 Hearts 1 Love," the song that marked the group's comeback in 2013, Brennan borrowed some colorful banners from fans and took photos with them. When fans chanted the group's name, the singer took out his phone to record a video to share on social media. Spike Dawbarn said he was touched by the love of Vietnamese fans here. The group performed in HCMC to in 2019 and in Hanoi in 2022 and they were welcomed every time.

Bui Thi Thu Minh, 36, said that she really loves 911, and so she booked a seat near the stage and traveled all the way from her hometown of Hung Yen to see her idols. Minh said: "Listening to these songs reminds me of my school years, when we used to share handwritten copies of lyrics with friends and sang together during recess. I’m so happy to be able to sing with the group and return to those youthful years."

The group ended the night with a collaboration with singer Duc Phuc in the song "I Do." The original version was released by 911 14 years ago, while the new version was remixed, with Vietnamese lyrics performed by Duc Phuc. The music video for the song currently has nearly 10 million views on YouTube just five days after the release. It was shared widely on social media networks.

911 performs "I Do" with singer Duc Phuc. Video by Hieu Nhan

Duc Phuc said he was impressed with the professionalism of the group. The preparation time for the project was limited and within a month, nearly 100 people participated in filming in many locations.

"The group is much older than me but they are still very young and enthusiastic," Phuc added. "Constables also taught me the choreography and also danced to one of my songs. I hope we will have more opportunities to collaborate and bring Vietnamese music closer to international friends."

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