Vietnamese fans sing along with South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong during HCMC concert

By Que Chi   April 28, 2024 | 02:32 am PT
Nearly 5,000 spectators sang the chorus of singer Kim Jae Joong’s song “I’ll Protect You” during his fan concert in Ho Chi Minh City Saturday.
South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong. Photo from Kims Instagram

South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong. Photo from Kim Jae Joong's Instagram

Kim held his "Kim Jae Joong Special J-Party fan concert - [I'm twenty]" on Saturday evening at the Military Zone 7 Stadium. The event started at 6 p.m., and lasted over nearly three hours, with the artist performing 16 of his hit songs and receiving enthusiastic support from the audience.

Kim then listened to the audience sing his song "I'll Protect You," a soundtrack of the 2011 TV series "Protect The Boss" in which he starred.

"You sang this song for me last year," He subsequently asked in Korean. "But I was not present at that time. Can you sing it again?"

The audience sang the song’s chorus once more together.

In December last year, an event featuring South Korean singers, including Kim, set to take place at Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium was canceled shortly before its expected showtime. Not being able to see their idol despite having traveled to Hanoi and prepared to welcome him, Kim’s fans organized a meeting on their own, during which they sang "I’ll Protect You."

During the Saturday fan concert, many spectators expressed their appreciation for the event. Thanh Huyen, 33, from Hanoi said: "I have attended many of Kim Jae Joong’s stages, both domestically and abroad, but have never been as moved as today."

"After 20 years since starting his artistic activities, the artist still maintains his energy and hardworking efforts."

Bao Uyen, 27, from Ho Chi Minh City, shared that she has been a fan of Kim for 15 years. She said she admires Kim not only for his looks and voice but also for his way of expressing love to his audience.

"I feel that he has a lot of affection for Vietnamese fans," said Uyen. "Every time he comes to Vietnam, the singer always performs with all his might."

Throughout the event, Kim also captivated fans with many songs that showcased both his dance moves and singing skills. His handling of ballads was particularly impressive, from the way he embellished the melody to hitting the high notes. In songs like "Mirotic" and "Good Morning Night," the atmosphere exploded as Kim danced while singing. At the same time, fans cheered and supported the artist. At the end of each song, Kim often thanked the audience in Vietnamese.

Kim had a Q&A session with the audience at the closure of the show, answering questions sent by the audience in advance, some of which made him not know how to answer, prompting the spectators to laugh.

One of the questions was: "Your looks in 2015 were really something, I want to see it again."

Responding to it, the singer said: "This year I hardly went to the gym because I was too busy. If I have time, I will work out and show you again."

"But you will see it this year when my album celebrating 20 years of my career is released," he added, making the crowd of spectators erupted in excitement, shouting his name.

Kim also received many questions inquiring for advice on fans’ difficulties in life. He candidly responded to all of them, sometimes joking: "Do Vietnamese fans face so many crises?"

One of the questions for him asked: "How can you reassure parents when you’re 33 and don’t have a significant other?"

To this, the artist said: "Share with your parents whether you are happy or not. I think all parents want their children to be happy, that’s the most important thing to them."

The event’s stage featured a well-crafted set design. The screen integrated multiple effects and images of the artist’s performance. Each song had its own theme, for example the performance of the song "Flying Butterflies" included images of many moving butterfly wings. The stage recreated a bus stop setting when Kim Jae Joong performed the song "For You."

As Kim bid farewell to the spectators at the end of the show, he said: "I want to see each of you before I leave. I will return to Vietnam soon, to give you more."

Many audience members were moved, collectively shouting "Hanoi," suggesting they wanted the artist to hold his next show in the capital.

After Vietnam, Kim is set to take his fan concert to Melbourne, Sydney, Taiwan, and Macau in May.

Kim, 38, debuted as a member of DBSK in 2004. The group achieved many accomplishments, including being honored as the best Korean boyband of the first decade of the 21st century.

Kim departed from DBSK in 2010. He formed the group JYJ along with two other former members of the group, Kim Jun Su and Park Yoo Chun. He then started pursuing a solo music career, as well as branching into business and fashion.

The South Korean media estimated in 2018 that Kim’s assets were worth over US$100 million, making him one of the wealthiest celebrities in the country.

Vietnamese fans join in singing South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong’s song "I’ll Protect You" during his fan concert in Ho Chi Minh City, April 27, 2024. Video by VnExpress/Que Chi

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