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By Mai Nhat   May 16, 2023 | 01:09 am PT
Rapper Den Vau has vowed to donate revenues generated from his new song “Nau An Cho Em” (Cook For You), which ranks second in YouTube Vietnam’s trending charts.

On May 13, Vietnamese rapper Den Vau, 34, released the music video for "Nau An Cho Em". Two days after release, the song pocketed around 2.5 million views and and sat behind Son Tung MTP’s "Making My Way" on the YouTube Vietnam trending charts. The audio version of the song also made it to the top 10 most streamed songs on Apple Music Vietnam.

Den Vau announced that the revenues generated from the song’s streams and views will be offered to pay for meals for children attending schools he has visited.

"I believe good deeds come from little things, for instance, giving a hair clip to a girl, a ball to a boy, and teddy bears and meals to children," he said.

In the music video, Den Vau and his friends are seen visiting Sa Tong Semi-boarding Ethnic Primary and Secondary School, in Muong Cha, Dien Bien. The group of friends prepare meals for the students using specialties from the rapper’s hometown of Quang Ninh, including shrimp, squid patties, and fermented shrimp sauce with minced pork.

The music video is a gift from the rapper to his fans in celebration of his upcoming liveshow at Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium on May 27.

The track brings listeners a tranquil and innocent atmosphere, which comes as a result of the guitar riff at the opening and the voice of singer PiaLinh, who was invited to feature in the song.

In his lyrics, Den Vau demonstrates his writing skills. On the children’s journey to school, he says, "The sun is as yellow as a fried egg/When you stand upright, mountains and hills have to slant below your legs." He also inspired children to study with the hopes of a brighter future: "In the future you will dive into your life/And you will be as good as [professional swimming athlete] Anh Vien."

In many parts of his song, Den Vau raps in a way that makes him sound like he was talking to his close friends.

"Everyday we all have to learn how to be better/Nobody is good right from the start because we don’t know how to do so/Then just look around to see what other good people are doing and follow them/There are many good people out there."

Den Vau is supporting children going to school. Photo from Den Vau’s Facebook

Den Vau is supporting children going to school. Photo from Den Vau’s Facebook

The song is being viewed positively by the public and industry insiders. Fan Le Thi Ngoc Anh said, "Den’s and Linh’s voices harmonize and make a beautiful painting of the highlands region. As someone who has participated in charity programs myself, I was encouraged to do more good deeds after watching the music video."

Musician To Hieu said the song bears the imprint of Den. "I felt peaceful after listening to the track as the song portrays the most beautiful thing in life, which is people sharing with and loving each other," he said.

HCMC director Phuong Vu and his entourage traveled to Dien Bien to help shoot the MV after being invited by the rapper.

Den Vau, born Nguyen Duc Cuong, is one of the most successful rappers in Vietnam. Prior to his music career, he worked as a garbage collector. The rapper began his career with work including "Dua Nhau Di Tron" (Take Each Other To Hide Away), "Di Theo Bong Mat Troi" (Chasing The Sun’s Shadows), "Troi Oi Con Chua Muon Chet" (Oh God! I Don’t Wanna Die Yet).

He is the artist with the highest number of MVs entering YouTube Vietnam’s Trending chart, which currently stands at 15.

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