Rapper Den Vau sets record with most MVs in YouTube trending chart

By Mai Nhat   June 21, 2022 | 06:23 pm PT
Rapper Den Vau sets record with most MVs in YouTube trending chart
A screenshot of the music video for 'Ai Muon Nghe Khong' by Vietnamese rapper Den Vau.
Den Vau's 'Ai Muon Nghe Khong' (Who Wants To Listen) has made the rapper the Vietnamese artist with the most music videos (MVs) entering the YouTube Vietnam trending chart: 14.

After its premiere on June 19, the highly anticipated MV for 'Ai Muon Nghe Khong' quickly topped the chart. It has pocketed over 7.7 million views and over 299,000 likes on the streaming platform.

Many audiences are delighted to see his new song still bears the imprint of Den's early compositions, featuring poetic lyrics, puns, multi-layered similes and imagery about life.

"Den's music is rich in meaning but simple and easy to understand. It’s a synthesis of a peaceful moment in the songwriter's soul and the listener's desire for peace," Huy Hoang, a fan, wrote.

Den explained that after many stumbles, he realized he needed to learn how to accept compliments and criticism.

"I constantly remind myself not to be delusional, and I advise people who listen to my music not to argue back and forth. Those who like it will appreciate it; those who do not like it will dismiss it. I also need to learn to accept that," he said.

Den Vau wrote the song during a period when he was reflecting on his passion and enthusiasm for his music career.

Recently he has been wondering if people still wanted to listen to his music. As a result, the rapper then composed a new song to motivate himself. He finished the music, arrangement, and filming in a month.

In the MV, Den Vau wears a wig, disguises himself, and sits on the side of the road with the sign "Who wants to listen?" in the video shot in Da Lat Town. He later invites passers-by to enjoy the new song and music with them.

Den Vau, real name Nguyen Duc Cuong, 33, was born in northern Quang Ninh Province.

For seven years prior to singing, he worked as a garbage collector.

He shot to fame with viral hits like ‘Dua Nhau Di Tron’ (Taking Each Other To Hide) and ‘Troi Oi Con Chua Muon Chet’ (I Don't Want To Die Yet) and others.

His two other most recent songs, 'Mang Tien Ve Cho Me' (Bringing Money Home For Mom) and 'Di Trong Mua He" (Walk In The Summer), both released this year, also achieved similar success.

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