'Pageant title changes my life': Miss Universe Vietnam

By Thien Anh, Dinh Tung   January 6, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau expressed that her life has been transformed in numerous ways since winning the title, notably including a substantial increase in income.
Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau. Photo from Chaus Instagram

Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau. Photo from Chau's Instagram

"I am now able to buy and eat whatever I like and travel to wherever I want without even thinking twice," she remarked, acknowledging her newfound ability to afford things and places previously beyond her reach.

This financial uplift, primarily originating from commercial contracts secured after her pageant victory, has elevated Chau’s standard of living and enabled her to settle a bank loan used for purchasing her house, the beauty queen shared.

Beyond financial gains, Chau also noted an expansion in her professional and social opportunities. She said the spotlight from the public and media has opened doors to new work, interactions with diverse individuals, and engagement in social initiatives that align with her concerns about environmental conservation and improving education and healthcare for children in remote areas.

"My pageant title really changed my life in the sense that it gives me chances to meet, learn, develop, and pursue career opportunities that come to me," she stated.

Chau is also aware of how her title, which makes her a public figure, "comes with a price." Recognizing the influence of her actions and speech on social media followers, especially the youth, Chau said her tenure as a beauty queen demanded careful consideration of her actions.

Despite the pressures of her role, Chau rarely succumbed to tears. She said during her reign she usually cried out of happiness or being moved, with only one exception: the final night of the 2022 Miss Universe pageant. She recalls feeling deeply saddened and crying on that night as she did not meet her own expectations despite her efforts.

"My eyes were swollen the following morning from crying and I had to wait for them to return to normal before I could go out and meet others," she shared.

Nevertheless, Chau takes pride in achieving most of her goals. With her reign concluded and the title passed to Miss Cosmo 2023 Bui Thi Xuan Hanh, Chau anticipates having more personal time and is considering focusing on a new purpose as she approaches her 30s.

"I might reduce work after the conclusion of my reign, and focus more on my love life."

Chau, 30, won the Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018 pageant before being crowned as Miss Universe Vietnam 2022.

She is now active as a model.

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