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GDP growth set to exceed 2019 target

GDP growth in 2019 is expected to hit 7.05 percent, topping the 6.6-6.8 percent target set by the National Assembly, analysts say.

Titanium reservoir suspended after worker's death

A titanium reservoir in Binh Thuan Province in central Vietnam has been suspended after the death of a miner in hazardous working conditions.

Masan subsidiary wins $130 mln settlement from Australian firm

Nui Phao Mining Company Ltd has won a $130 million settlement from Jacobs E&C Australia over a construction deal following international arbitration.
September 11, 2019 | 08:45 pm GMT+7

Vietnam among hardest hit by cryptomining attacks: security bulletin

Vietnam is among nations hardest hit by cryptomining attacks this year, says Moscow-based multinational cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.
December 06, 2018 | 09:43 am GMT+7

Vietnam vulnerable as new cyber security threat emerges

Cryptocurrency mining malware is the new threat and Vietnam’s weak cyber security makes it particularly vulnerable.
September 06, 2018 | 01:54 pm GMT+7

Hundreds demand extradition of Vietnamese CEO for $36mln cryptocurrency fraud

800 plus people have demanded extradition from the US of a man involved in an alleged $36 million cryptocurrency scam.
August 04, 2018 | 06:44 pm GMT+7

CEO absconds as another cryptocurrency firm implodes in Vietnam

Over a dozen investors of a cryptocurrency mining company have claimed to be victims of a fraud case after the company's director went missing, allegedly with their money.
July 29, 2018 | 08:08 am GMT+7

Record 207 environmental activists killed last year

More than 200 environmental activists were murdered last year as government-sponsored killings linked to lucrative projects by vast agriculture multinationals soared.
July 24, 2018 | 03:09 pm GMT+7

No legalizing bitcoin, Vietnam says

Officials think high volatility and lack of safety make cryptocurrencies unsuitable for central bank backing.
June 29, 2018 | 01:55 pm GMT+7

Gold mine leaks toxic waste into central Vietnam river

Dozens of fish died after the river was polluted with mining tailings.
March 19, 2018 | 01:58 pm GMT+7

All 955 miners trapped in South Africa resurface unharmed

The miners were stuck for around 30 hours.
February 02, 2018 | 01:40 pm GMT+7

Vietnam insistent in chasing growth with mining despite concerns

The trade ministry plans to increase oil and gas revenues by 8-10 percent this year.
June 02, 2017 | 10:46 am GMT+7

Vietnamese lawmaker worries growth obsession will foster mining-dependent economy

The government plans to maintain GDP growth this year by excavating more crude oil.
May 22, 2017 | 06:12 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's Q1 economic growth slowest in 3 years

The industrial sector and trade deficit have been dragging on the country's economic momentum.
March 29, 2017 | 02:25 pm GMT+7

Bid to reduce Amazon reserves corresponds with mining proposals - WWF

Brazil’s forests are under pressure not only from mining but also expansion of agriculture, creation of large dams and timber harvesting.
February 24, 2017 | 08:29 pm GMT+7
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