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Vietnam ups steel capabilities, reduces imports

Imports from China have fallen as local firms are able to produce more advanced products, senior industry official says.

Thailand, not Vietnam, is exporting 'pho' to the US

Vietnamese food businesses have a lot of technology catching up to do in foodstuffs industry, experts say.

Footwear giants shift outsourcing from China to Vietnam

Gains likely to be short-lived, experts warn nation could turn into a ‘landfill.’
May 31, 2018 | 05:07 pm GMT+7

China, India outsource emissions, risking climate goal: study

Many energy-intensive industries are relocating to cheaper countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
May 15, 2018 | 08:23 am GMT+7

China's vigor surprises, strong regional currencies hinder Asian exporters

Strong currencies have hurt large exporters like S.Korea and Japan but not China and smaller economies like Vietnam and Indonesia.
March 01, 2018 | 09:00 pm GMT+7

Are China's cars finally going to make inroads in Western markets?

Improvements in design, technology and marketing are making a difference to Chinese car makers.
December 15, 2017 | 08:33 am GMT+7

China's factories grow at fastest pace in over 5 years as prices surge

China's manufacturers are reporting their best profits in years.
September 30, 2017 | 08:59 am GMT+7

Vietnamese real estate conglomerate to make dream of domestically-made cars a reality

Vingroup is expected to start introducing 'Made in Vietnam' cars to the market within the next two years.
September 03, 2017 | 10:55 am GMT+7

Here are Southeast Asia's next big car manufacturing hubs

Foreign car firms can smell the burning of engine oil as the Vietnamese market heats up. 
July 10, 2017 | 05:02 pm GMT+7

Asia manufacturing picks up in June but momentum seen slowing into second half

Manufacturing in Vietnam was boosted by ramped up production by South Korea's Samsung Electronics.
July 03, 2017 | 02:48 pm GMT+7

Adidas' slavery buster hopes technology can give workers a voice

As apparel and footwear industries rely heavily on outsourcing, sportswear companies have faced growing scrutiny.
May 25, 2017 | 02:08 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's Q1 economic growth slowest in 3 years

The industrial sector and trade deficit have been dragging on the country's economic momentum.
March 29, 2017 | 02:25 pm GMT+7

An iPhone made in America? Not that simple

As U.S. President Donald Trump pushes hard for goods to be 'made in America,' how realistic is it to expect Apple to stop manufacturing its iconic devices in China?
January 29, 2017 | 10:42 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s manufacturing grows strongly as orders hit 18-month high

Job creation quickened for the eighth month straight in November.
December 02, 2016 | 03:12 pm GMT+7

Demand for factory space soars in Vietnam as companies abandon China

Cheap labor costs and tax breaks are attracting foreign firms.
October 06, 2016 | 02:03 pm GMT+7
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