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Come winter, Vietnamese farmers develop a feel for the eel

Every 'fishing trip' in water-logged fields nets a catch of approximately three kilograms of eel, fetching $4.3-5.22 a kilo.

Vietnamese fishermen admit to illegal fishing in Malaysian waters

21 Vietnamese nationals pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally fishing in Malaysian waters, the Borneo Post reported.

Thailand seizes 3 boats, detains 14 Vietnamese fishermen

Fourteen Vietnamese fishermen have been detained and three vessels seized by Thai authorities for illegal collection of sea cucumbers.
November 01, 2018 | 08:09 am GMT+7

Malaysia detains 23 Vietnamese fishermen for trespassing

Malaysian authorities have detained 23 Vietnamese fishermen and their two boats for illegally entering the nation's waters.
October 27, 2018 | 01:33 pm GMT+7

Brunei fines four Vietnamese for illegal fishing

Four Vietnamese fishermen have been fined between $723 and $7,234 for illegally fishing in Bruneian waters.
October 08, 2018 | 02:19 pm GMT+7

Three Indonesian hostages freed in Philippines: army

The Abu Sayyaf has been known to behead hostages unless ransom payments are made.
September 17, 2018 | 09:26 am GMT+7

‘Tis the season: Fishermen get bumper krill catch

Fishermen in north central Vietnam are catching huge quantities of the tiny crustacean.
August 07, 2018 | 01:29 pm GMT+7

12 youth tricked into bonded labor rescued in Vietnam

Authorities in southern Vietnam are investigating a case of modern slavery after 12 victims were saved.
August 02, 2018 | 11:27 pm GMT+7

When you eat a Mekong Giant Catfish, you are paying criminals

Vietnamese restaurant owners, chefs and customers are complicit in the crime of catching, advertising, serving and eating an endangered species.
July 25, 2018 | 09:39 am GMT+7

Time’s running out for the Mekong giant catfish

Vietnamese restaurants are openly violating the law to include a critically endangered giant catfish on their menus.
July 10, 2018 | 12:55 pm GMT+7

Chinese boats refuse to help Vietnamese boats in distress

20 boats that sought shelter from rough weather were driven off Hoang Sa Islands.
June 19, 2018 | 07:03 pm GMT+7

The hunt for spicy fish delicacy deep down Vietnam's hydropower dam

A kilo of the dry sharpbelly fish, made from five kilos of fresh fish, is sold for VND180,000 ($7.84).
May 24, 2018 | 08:00 am GMT+7

Vietnam PM visits fish market to support farmers amid sea row

The visit is considered an encouragement to local fishers given threats and fishing ban from China.
May 19, 2018 | 12:00 pm GMT+7

Indonesia releases Vietnamese fishermen in time for Lunar New Year

A total of 150 Vietnamese fishermen detained for illegal fishing in Indonesia have been released this year.
February 13, 2018 | 11:10 am GMT+7

Vietnam asks Indonesia to reconsider destroying illegal fishing boats

Indonesia has destroyed hundreds of foreign illegal vessels since 2014, including many Vietnamese boats.
January 27, 2018 | 09:32 am GMT+7
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