Vietnam lose 2-3 in World Cup qualifier game with China

By Hoang Nguyen       OCT. 7, 2021

Vietnam suffered their third loss in the final World Cup qualification round as China scored in the last minute to set the score 2-3 Friday.

  • 90'+6
    Time's up

    China win 3-2 against Vietnam and claim their first three points in the World Cup qualification final round.


    Keeper Bui Tan Truong walks by as Chinese players celebrate their victory. Photo by AFP

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  • 90'+5
    China take the lead

    Wu Lei scores again for China in the last minute.

  • Untitled-2809-1633632737-3636-1633633448

    Ho Tan Tai (jersey number 13) and Nguyen Tien Linh (22) celebrate after scoring for Vietnam.

  • 90'
    Vietnam equalize

    A through ball from Nguyen Quang Hai sets Tien Linh in a comfortable position to score and make it 2-2.

  • 90'

    The second half has five additional minutes.

  • 85'

    China's Wei Shihao receives a yellow card for fouling.

  • 80'
    Vietnam score

    Ho Tan Tai shows his amazing first touch and ball control before volleying it in to shorten the gap for Vietnam.

  • 78'

    Teams take a cooling break.

  • 75'
    China score the second goal

    It's Wu Lei again with another header but this time he scores.

  • 73'

    Wu Lei gets a header from a cross and it almost goes in.

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Both Vietnam and China have suffered losses in their first two games of the World Cup final qualifying round. Vietnam lost 1-3 to Saudi Arabia and 0-1 to Australia, while China suffered a 0-1 defeat against Japan and 0-3 loss against Australia.

China are 75th on the FIFA ranking, 20 places higher than Vietnam. In the previous encounters with China, Vietnam lost all six. But the current form of both teams are similar.

The match is played at the Sharjah Stadium, which China chose as their ‘home’ ground.

The teams start list.

The teams' start list.

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