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Fisherman held hostage by Islamic militants drowns in escape bid

An Indonesian fisherman held hostage for four months by Islamic militants in the Philippines has drowned, while two other captured men have been rescued.

Sheer terror: A Cambodian recalls escape from genocide

Escaping from the Khmer Rouge was a desperate act, a thankful survivor recounts, 40 years later.

Some 400 prisoners escape prison in Tripoli chaos

Some 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in Libya’s capital on Sunday while fighting between rival armed groups raged nearby. 
September 03, 2018 | 10:30 am GMT+7

Helicopter taxi apps offer escape from traffic-choked megacities

From New York to Jakarta, chopper-hailing services have been taking off to help commuters beat the traffic chaos.
May 11, 2018 | 07:35 am GMT+7

Over 100 drug addicts escape rehab center in southern Vietnam, again

Two weeks ago, over 500 drug addicts staged a massive breakout at the same center.
November 06, 2016 | 05:42 pm GMT+7

Seven officers suspended after escape of over 400 patients from rehab

A week after 447 patients escaped, seven top officials and officers of the drug rehabilitation center in Vung Tau province, southern Vietnam, have been suspended.
April 21, 2016 | 09:44 am GMT+7

Rehab escapees steal motorbike and threaten locals

Following their escape from a rehabilitation center on Wednesday, patients have been on the rampage stealing clothes and a motorbike.
April 15, 2016 | 05:27 pm GMT+7

Drug users stage massive breakout from rehab center

After destroying the rehab's cement wall, over 400 patients escaped by climbing over two 1.5 meter barbed wire fences using blankets.
April 15, 2016 | 08:09 am GMT+7
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