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Bali volcano burns wedding dreams, threatens economy

Millions visit the Hindu-dominated tropical hotspot annually, many intent to tie their knot there, but the volcano ruin the plans. 

Airlines scramble to minimize losses as Bali volcano costs grow

Analysts say affected airlines to incur combined $5 mln in lost revenue per day, as closure comes ahead of peak ...

Indonesia extends Bali airport closure due to Agung eruption

Disaster agency warns of 'imminent' risk of major eruption as thousands stranded at Bali airports. 
November 28, 2017 | 09:33 am GMT+7

Hawaii volcano expels lava in spectacular eruption

Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, sends streams of lava rolling down a thirty-foot cone.
September 12, 2017 | 09:38 am GMT+7

Indonesian volcano in fresh eruptions

School is safe and villagers still continue their precarious existences despite the eruptions. 
April 12, 2017 | 03:43 pm GMT+7
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