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Vietnam among hardest hit by cryptomining attacks: security bulletin

Vietnam is among nations hardest hit by cryptomining attacks this year, says Moscow-based multinational cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

Vietnam vulnerable as new cyber security threat emerges

Cryptocurrency mining malware is the new threat and Vietnam’s weak cyber security makes it particularly vulnerable.

Hundreds demand extradition of Vietnamese CEO for $36mln cryptocurrency fraud

800 plus people have demanded extradition from the US of a man involved in an alleged $36 million cryptocurrency scam.
August 04, 2018 | 06:44 pm GMT+7

CEO absconds as another cryptocurrency firm implodes in Vietnam

Over a dozen investors of a cryptocurrency mining company have claimed to be victims of a fraud case after the company's director went missing, allegedly with their money.
July 29, 2018 | 08:08 am GMT+7

No legalizing bitcoin, Vietnam says

Officials think high volatility and lack of safety make cryptocurrencies unsuitable for central bank backing.
June 29, 2018 | 01:55 pm GMT+7

Vietnam importing bitcoin diggers in large numbers

Cryptocurrency is illegal in the country, but 6,400 mining systems have been imported in the first four months of the year.
June 14, 2018 | 09:04 am GMT+7

Vietnam considers blanket ban on import of cryptocurrency mining rigs

In the wake of thousands being cheated, Finance Ministry says their operations are difficult to regulate.
June 05, 2018 | 10:47 am GMT+7

Vietnam tightens control over cryptocurrencies after alleged $650 million scam

The central bank has cited tax evasion, fraud and money laundering as the reason for the move.
April 18, 2018 | 03:58 pm GMT+7

Vietnam calls for tougher measures on cryptocurrency deals amid alleged scam

The PM has ordered to tighten management as an alleged $650 million scam is gaining attention.
April 12, 2018 | 09:26 am GMT+7

Vietnamese investors fall for $650 mln cryptocurrency scam

Investors are demanding their money back, but the company's leaders are nowhere to be found.
April 12, 2018 | 07:42 am GMT+7

Asia's cryptocurrency arbitrage boom fizzles, but profits persist

Underground bitcoin deals continue but the market is changing course.
April 03, 2018 | 08:02 am GMT+7

Bitcoin start-ups in Asia take aim at remittances market

Many of the start-ups do not deal directly with individual customers, but instead provide the "back end" transfer mechanism for remittance shops.
March 14, 2018 | 02:40 pm GMT+7

Computer shops embrace lucrative business: outfitting cryptocurrency miners

Some of the biggest electronics bazaars in Asia are being flooded with customers looking for cryptocurrency mining rigs.
February 21, 2018 | 11:39 am GMT+7

Bitcoin skids amid broad cryptocurrency sell-off

The virtual currency has been down by almost 40 percent in 2018, amid worries about a regulatory clampdown.
February 03, 2018 | 03:02 pm GMT+7

Coining it in: Bitcoin vs lucky money for Lunar New Year in Vietnam

People are going head over, well, tails, for the lucky charms.
January 14, 2018 | 12:08 pm GMT+7
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