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Filipino mayor among 10 killed in shootout as drug war enters new phase

Police shift tactics by focusing on politicians, government officials, celebrities and high-ranking army and police officers.

'Foul-mouthed' Filipino president a hit among countrymen in Vietnam

He curses. He makes dirty jokes. He insults world leaders. Most of all, he knows he’s going against all diplomatic ...

Philippine police, vigilantes shoot dead six drug suspects

Philippine police shot dead four suspected drug dealers while unknown men gunned down two others, officials said Saturday, raising the death toll for narcotics suspects to 14 this ...
May 28, 2016 | 06:19 pm GMT+7

Indonesia to resume executions as it steps up "war on drugs"

Indonesia said on Thursday it will resume executions of drug traffickers this year, after a brief hiatus since last year's controversial executions of mostly foreign convicts.
April 08, 2016 | 08:23 am GMT+7
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