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Taiwanese firm asks 2,500 employees to resume work

Footwear maker Kai Yang whose former executives fled the country has promised to pay dues and asked 2,500 plus workers to return.

2,500 employees turn up for work to find factory closed, wages owed

Over 2,500 workers of a Taiwanese company in the northern city of Hai Phong have been abandoned by their boss who has fled the country.

80 percent of strikes in Vietnam occur at foreign companies

Foreign enterprises accounted for 82.1 percent of workers' strikes in January-June, according to a government report.
August 04, 2019 | 11:00 am GMT+7

China deports 30 illegal Vietnamese workers

Chinese authorities have detained and sent back 30 Vietnamese nationals working in the country without valid papers.
July 21, 2019 | 08:04 am GMT+7

Czech Republic resumes work visas for Vietnamese citizens

The Czech Republic has resumed issuing long-term visas for Vietnamese workers after suspending it for almost one year.
June 07, 2019 | 05:45 pm GMT+7

Two Vietnamese workers stabbed to death by robbers in Angola

Two Vietnamese workers, a man and a woman, were killed by burglars who broke into their rented apartment in Angola Monday.
May 25, 2019 | 07:30 pm GMT+7

Five Vietnamese workers killed in Thai road crash

At least eight foreign workers, including five Vietnamese, died after a passenger van plunged into a canal in Thailand Saturday.
March 23, 2019 | 10:16 pm GMT+7

Seven Vietnamese workers arrested after fatal stabbing in Taiwan

Taiwan police Sunday detained seven Vietnamese migrant workers in connection with the murder of their compatriot in Taoyuan City.
February 18, 2019 | 09:21 pm GMT+7

Taiwanese firm in Vietnam sacks 10,000 workers before Lunar New Year

A Taiwanese footwear firm in southern Vietnam has announced massive layoffs just days ahead of Tet, leaving thousands of workers in the lurch.
January 31, 2019 | 10:32 am GMT+7

Japan offers most overseas jobs for Vietnamese workers

Japan is expected to receive more Vietnamese workers this year, having become the most attractive labor export market in 2018.
January 19, 2019 | 01:32 pm GMT+7

Taiwan detains four illegal immigrants

Taiwanese police raided a rented apartment and arrested four illegal Vietnamese male immigrants last week.
January 07, 2019 | 07:38 pm GMT+7

Vietnam sends record 140,000 guest workers abroad in 2018

Vietnam’s labor exports increased by 7 percent this year, and for a fifth straight year the number of guest workers has exceeded 100,000.
December 26, 2018 | 01:18 pm GMT+7

Japan, South Korea most lucrative for Vietnamese workers

With average monthly earnings of $1,200, Japan and South Korea have become the most attractive labor markets for Vietnamese workers.
November 14, 2018 | 05:11 pm GMT+7

Vietnam to bring home bodies of S Korea factory explosion victims

The government will support families bringing back the bodies of two Vietnamese workers killed in a factory explosion in South Korea.
November 13, 2018 | 08:02 am GMT+7

Two Vietnamese workers killed in South Korea chemical plant explosion

A chemical plant explosion in South Korea’s Wonju City Saturday killed two and injured two other Vietnamese workers.  
November 10, 2018 | 03:35 pm GMT+7
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