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Vietnam model for direct renewable power purchase agreement to be ready soon

The direct power purchase agreement model for renewable energy, which has drawn much interest from investors, is set to be completed this month.

Vietnam’s wind power tariffs attractive, but grid capacity a major concern

Vietnam’s new feed-in tariffs are attracting great interest in wind power, but investors are concerned about grid ...

Mushroom and bacteria turn light into clean energy

A team from the Stevens Institute of Technology have developed a 'power mushroom' able to create renewable energy.
November 13, 2018 | 06:37 pm GMT+7

Visitors enjoy the breeze at Vietnam’s first and biggest wind farm

Bac Lieu has the first wind farm in the country, with 62 coastal turbines - the first one in South East Asia to stand on a continental shelf.
October 10, 2018 | 10:18 am GMT+7

Vietnam eyes power imports from China, Laos

Vietnam might have to import power from China and Laos after 2020, says a senior official.
August 10, 2018 | 02:39 pm GMT+7

Vietnam set to trial Direct Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Vietnam’s plan to pilot a direct power purchase agreement for renewable energy in 2019 has drawn keen interest from investors.
August 09, 2018 | 10:14 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s renewable energy sector in a state of flux

Vietnam’s renewable energy sector is experiencing an unprecedented surge in project activities and policy changes, making end results unpredictable.
August 07, 2018 | 10:02 am GMT+7

Southeast Asia’s largest solar project to be built in Vietnam

The $420 million project, a Thailand-Vietnam joint venture, is set to open for commercial use in June 2019.
June 22, 2018 | 04:49 pm GMT+7

Coal consumption surges in Vietnam

High demand from manufacturing industries helps Vinacomin exceed targets.
June 09, 2018 | 11:24 am GMT+7

Vietnam's largest hydropower plant to get $377 mil boost

The  power station currently accounts for over a quarter of the country's electricity output.
April 13, 2018 | 10:55 pm GMT+7

Sharp to build giant solar plant in Vietnam as country pledges to adopt clean energy

The plant is expected to start operations in September and generate enough power for over 32,600 households.
February 27, 2018 | 05:51 pm GMT+7

Thailand's biggest solar firm plans $1.76 bln in Vietnam wind projects

The company is targeting revenue growth of 25 percent per year.
February 10, 2018 | 09:57 am GMT+7

Global coalition petitions to end fossil power in Vietnam as deadly future looms

Coal power pollution could increase CO2 emissions in Vietnam by 20 times and doom global efforts to curb warming.
February 09, 2018 | 12:13 pm GMT+7

Solar power construction takes off in Vietnam after nuclear plans scrapped

The government is trying to nurture solar energy as the country's main source of electrical output.
February 06, 2018 | 03:41 pm GMT+7

Global coal price hike could cost Vietnam $1.27 billion per year: report

With clean-energy projects struggling to turn a profit, the country remains reliant on imported coal to fuel growth.
November 16, 2017 | 04:10 pm GMT+7
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