Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

February 9, 2021 | 09:00 pm PT
A321NEO ACF aircraft will be put into operation in key routes of Bamboo Airways to meet the travel demand in the Lunar New Year and early spring.
Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

The brand new aircraft model Airbus A321NEO ACF (also known as Airbus Cabin Flex) with number VN-A222 departing from Hamburg, Germany, landed at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, at 6 a.m. on February 7, officially joining Bamboo Airways’s fleet.

Airbus A321NEO ACF is the first narrow-body aircraft to join Bamboo Airways’s fleet in 2021, following the Embraer modern jet that did so in January 2021.

With the addition of A321NEO ACF aircraft, Bamboo Airways will be operating A320/A321NEO fleet of 10 aircraft, together with wide-body Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and regional jet Embraer 190, 195.

The airline plans to expand its fleet to 100 aircraft by 2025, including at least 30 A321NEO aircraft under the purchase agreement signed with Airbus.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

After landing at Noi Bai, Bamboo Airways A321NEO ACF was disinfected in accordance with standard regulations and instructions from the government.

The entire aircraft was sprayed and sanitized thoroughly in 30 minutes, with special focus on items and areas which are commonly touched by passengers such as dining tables, handrails, entertainment screens, etc.

"Safety of pandemic prevention is always the ultimate goal of Bamboo Airways in all operating processes. Therefore, the comprehensive sterilization process is strictly followed by the airline to ensure that A321neo ACF aircraft meets the safety standards before being put into service," said a representative of Bamboo Airways.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

As the newest aircraft in the A320 family, A321NEO ACF has an upgrade in cabin structure that enhances efficiency and hardware interior, advantaging both the operator and passengers.

It is equipped with a cutting-edge engine, allowing at least 16 percent cut in fuel consumption, up to 75 percent reduction of noise and 50 percent of emissions cut.

The aircraft is being addressed by Airbus as the base for the airline to continue developing a line of narrow-body aircraft for longer flight routes such as the A321LR.

Bamboo Airways adjusts an additional upgrade of seating space, leg room, reclining as well as aisle area to suit Vietnamese passengers.

Bamboo Airways reduces the A321NEO ACF passenger cabin design to 223 seats, instead of the original 244 seats, comprising two classes of business and economy. The interior design is sophisticated and prevalent, delivering the brand identity of the airline.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

Along with the sterilization and disinfection of aircraft, amid the pandemic, Bamboo Airways always implements a full range of prevention measures to ensure maximum safety for passengers and crew members.

Dining tables in the cabin’s seats were turned over, the storage compartment, the toilet were also opened to be sprayed with disinfectants in every corner. The disinfection solution used was CH2200, applied according to medical standards and proven not to affect passengers’ health.

As soon as completing the fumigation procedure, A321NEO ACF aircraft will be put into operation in many key routes to meet the travel demand in the Lunar New Year and early spring.

To this date, Bamboo Airways has not recorded any employee positive for Covid-19.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

In the morning of February 7, at Rach Gia airport, Bamboo Airways also held the opening ceremony of Hanoi - Rach Gia route, officially marking the milestone of Bamboo Airways as the first airline in the history to operate direct flights connecting the capital with Rach Gia.

This is a continuation to the airline's launch of Ho Chi Minh City - Rach Gia route on February 4, 2021.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

In recent years, Bamboo Airways has implemented numerous programs and services, helping passengers to save travel costs and have safe travel options during the complicated and unexpected pandemic.

For example, the Bamboo Pri-Flight charter service allows passengers group of under 20 people to rent a full flight using Bamboo Airways narrow-body jets.

Customers can freely choose the itinerary and departure time, guaranteed social distancing, prioritize fast check-in and in-flight service with business-class standards, combined with the most convenient, private and secure flight experience.

Bamboo Airways adds A321NEO ACF to fleet

Bamboo Airways has operated over 50 routes, transporting nearly 7 million passengers with absolute safety.

In 2020, the airline has operated more than 40 percent of capacity compared to 2019 and maintained the leading rate of on-time performance in Vietnam's aviation industry.

Bamboo Airways was also voted as "The Airline with the Best Service", "The leading regional Airline in Asia." The airline aims to occupy 30 percent of domestic aviation market share by 2021.

May Pham

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