10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

By Mai Nhat   June 10, 2024 | 03:16 am PT
Ly Hai's "Lat Mat 7" (Face Off 7) is projected to surpass "Nha Ba Nu" (The House of No Man) to secure second place among the highest-grossing Vietnamese films ever, while Tran Thanh's "Mai" continues to hold the top spot.
10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Mai" - VND524 billion (US$20.4 million)

According to Box Office Vietnam, "Mai" has earned VND524 billion (US$20.4 million) in revenue since its release during the Lunar New Year in February 2024, making it the highest-grossing Vietnamese movie to date.

"Mai" centers around the life of the eponymous female lead played by Phuong Anh Dao, a nearly 40-year-old masseuse who has a chance encounter with Duong (Tuan Tran), who pursues her romantically. As the plot unfolds, Mai’s complex family issues and dark past resurface, forcing her to face her inner demons.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Nha Ba Nu" - VND475 billion (US$18.5 million)

Since its release during the 2023 Lunar New Year in January, the movie has grossed VND475 billion (US$18.5 million) in revenue.

"Nha Ba Nu" tells the story of Nu (played by Le Giang), the owner of a crab soup shop and a stern mother facing the pressure of providing for her family. Due to heartbreaks that she suffered in the past, Nu forbids her youngest romantic daughter, Ngoc Nhi (Uyen An), from having a relationship.

Nhi doesn't listen to her mother but instead dates John (Song Luan), a Vietnamese who lives abroad. The climax comes when Nhi gets pregnant and leaves her family to live with John, but soon realizes that she made the wrong decision.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Lat Mat 7: Mot Dieu Uoc" (Face Off 7: One Wish) - VND456 billion (US$17.7 million)

Released in late April, "Lat Mat 7: Mot Dieu Uoc" became Ly Hai's first film to exceed VND400 billion in revenue.

The film follows Hai (played by Thanh Hien), who leads a family with five children. After becoming a widow early on, Hai single-handedly raises her children, who eventually leave to pursue their careers. When Hai is involved in an accident, her children reluctantly take on the responsibility of caring for her.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Bo Gia" (Dad, I’m Sorry) - VND426 billion (US$16.6 million)

Released in 2021, "Bo Gia" has generated VND426 billion in revenue.

The film centers on Ba Sang, an elderly motorbike-taxi driver residing in a low-income area of downtown Saigon. He struggles to support his family financially.

Known for being overly generous to his siblings and neighbors, Sang is frequently exploited, much to the frustration of his son, an aspiring YouTuber who attempts to persuade his father to alter his ways.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Lat Mat 6: Tam Ve Dinh Menh" (Face Off 6: The Ticket of Destiny) - VND300 billion (US$11.7 million)

Released in April 2023, Ly Hai's film has earned VND300 billion in revenue. "Lat Mat 6: Tam Ve Dinh Menh" has been praised for its set designs and action scenes, but criticized for its plot holes. The film centers on a group of six male friends.

To celebrate their friendship, the main character, Phuong, buys a lottery ticket and entrusts it to An, with a promise to share the winnings. After An dies in an accident, the group exhumes his grave to retrieve the ticket, leading to a chase to claim the money.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

Cua Lai Vo Bau (Win My Baby Back) - VND192 billion (US$7.5 million)

Released in January 2019, "Cua Lai Vo Bau," directed by Nhat Trung, has earned VND192 billion in revenue.

This romantic comedy tells the story of Trong Thoai (Tran Thanh) and Nha Linh (Lan Ngoc), a couple dealing with marital conflicts. Nha Linh discovers she is pregnant but is uncertain if the father is Trong Thoai or Quy Khanh (Anh Tu). Nha Linh must decide between the two men.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Hai Phuong" (Furie) - VND185 billion (US$7.2 million)

Released in Vietnamese cinemas in February 2019, the action film "Hai Phuong," produced by Ngo Thanh Van, has earned VND185 billion in revenue.

Directed by Le Van Kiet, the movie follows a former gang leader in the Mekong Delta whose daughter is kidnapped. The determined mother embarks on a mission to rescue her daughter.

The film was a contender for an Oscar in 2020.

Hai Phuong (played by Ngo Thanh Van) faces off against Thanh Soi (Thanh Hoa) in "Hai Phuong" (Furie). Video from Studio68

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Tiec Trang Mau" (Blood Moon Party) - VND175 billion (US$6.8 million)

Directed by Nguyen Quang Dung, "Tiec Trang Mau" has earned VND175 billion in revenue.

As a remake of the South Korean film "Intimate Strangers," it stands out as the only remake among the top 10 highest-grossing Vietnamese films of all time.

The story revolves around four childhood friends who have grown into different careers, such as journalism, plastic surgery, and teaching. They reunite at a housewarming party and play a game where they share texts and calls, leading to the revelation of many secrets.

The plot remains faithful to the South Korean film, which itself is a remake of the Italian movie "Perfect Strangers," directed by Paolo Genovese and released in 2016.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Em Chua 18" (Jailbait) - VND172 billion (US$6.7 million)

Directed by Le Thanh Son, this romantic comedy became a sensation in Vietnamese cinemas in 2017, earning VND173 billion.

The film centers on the relationship between Hoang (played by Kieu Minh Tuan) and high school student Linh Dan (Kaity Nguyen).

After her ex-boyfriend's betrayal, Linh Dan resolves to seduce another man to make her ex, who left her for a "hotgirl," regret his choice.

She persuades Hoang to spend the night with her and subsequently coerces him into pretending to be her boyfriend. As time goes on, genuine feelings start to blossom between them.

10 highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time

"Mat Biec" (Dreamy Eyes) - VND168 billion (US$6.5 million)

"Mat Biec", premiered in December 2019, has raked in VND168 billion.

Based on popular writer Nguyen Nhat Anh’s novel of the same name, "Mat Biec" directed by Victor Vu depicts the love story of Ngan, a rural boy, and his childhood friend during their school years. Even though the girl falls for a rich man and leaves Ngan, he remains by her side.

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