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Police investigate five Vietnamese for trafficking live tiger

Police rescued the tiger just as the group was about to kill it to make bone paste.

Police detect 113 opium poppies in Vietnamese farmer's garden

The trees have bloomed and some have grown pods, which can be used to make drugs.

Man forcibly removed from plane after drug prank

A man joking about carrying opium in his bag aboard a domestic flight resulted in a 50 minute delay.
September 10, 2016 | 12:34 pm GMT+7

Vietnam busts 2,000 drug-related crimes in just a month

The country takes a tough stance on drugs, and perpetrators may face the death penalty.
August 11, 2016 | 10:42 am GMT+7

Illegal opium cultivation stays on a high in Afghanistan

Opium derived from poppy fields in remote parts of Afghanistan remain an economic essential for the country's poor. Julie Noce reports. Six-year old Nazer Gull is hard at work in ...
April 15, 2016 | 02:06 pm GMT+7