Most highly recommended cloud solutions for small entrepreneurs in 2019

By Ureka    April 21, 2019 | 07:49 pm PT
Most highly recommended cloud solutions for small entrepreneurs in 2019
Businesses should invest in cloud storage to safeguard their important data.
If there is a disaster, your devices may be lost or destroyed along with all the files in them, forcing a cessation of business.

To ensure vital information is not lost in this manner, businesses had better make an investment in cloud storage to secure important data.

Cloud storage services are considered to be very effective tools designed for documents as well as other media files which are too large to be sent by email. Cloud storage can help share those files more easily. If you are looking for a reliable solution to back up data, access files quickly and so on, you can opt for a cloud storage service.

iDrive – the best solution for small businesses

iDrive offers users storage plans designed for both personal users and entrepreneurs at zero to around 75 dollars a year. This service is able to back up your computer and offer the ability to share files. What is more, the service is also capable of backing up a lot of different devices and files in real time.

Acronis – an ideal solution for virtual backup

This service comes with data protection, file access safety, syncing and sharing methods, and lots of system control tools designed for different kinds of environments. Acronis is designed to operate both on premises and the cloud and for any system ranging from small entrepreneurs to companies with multiple systems.

Taking small entrepreneurs into consideration, the backup features of Acronis come with a disk imaging used to protect everything in just one step. Moreover, it is capable of recovering and restoring systems to any hardware without causing worry about compatibility. In spite of the fact that Acronis owns cloud servers, it also operates with both public and private hosts depending on your choice.

Carbonite, the best method for hybrid backup

The next option, Carbonite, helps small entrepreneurs as well as home offices to operate in a smoother manner. This company offers customers a lot of services at reasonable prices for protecting data and recovering it at any time and any location. Furthermore, the services also come with automatic backup, convenient restoration capability, 24/7 availability, and high safety. Carbonite is able to store documents, emails, pictures, videos, and so on. Last but not least, it comes with plans for both individuals and entrepreneurs to adapt to every specific need.

Zoolz, an ideal choice for long – term storage

If you are looking for cloud storage at an affordable price, you can take a look at Zoolz, which offers small entrepreneurs the capability to access cloud storage without problems. Zoolz is different from other rivals in that it offers unrestricted users and servers so that you will not find any difficulty in scaling up the service for your business needs.

Egnyte, an option for collaboration

If you are looking for a hybrid option, you can opt for Egnyte, which offers both storage and a file sharing platform which allows you to save the data both locally and in the cloud. This system allows all data types to be saved in the public cloud while the most sensitive data will benefit from higher safety as well as better reliability. This service is suitable for any device so that you can collaborate at any location.

Last but not least, Egnyte cloud storage provides plans which are flexible and scalable at a price starting at eight dollars a month.

Most highly recommended cloud solutions for small entrepreneurs in 2019

Backblaze, an ideal choice for Mac backup

Backblaze is a simple and inexpensive cloud storage platform. First and foremost, its B2 cloud storage can be taken advantage for storage, sharing files and backup. The software is specifically designed for Mac devices and compatible with the operating system to let you backup and restore your system when it comes to data loss or system damage. You will be able to return your computers to the status they were in a month earlier.

As for the price, it will depend on the amount of data you own and the bandwidth you require. Moreover, Backblaze also provides an unrestricted cloud backup platform for computers at a cost of around $5 a month per computer.

Now it is time for you to look at some cloud solution providers that you can consult to choose the most suitable one.


ADrive is able to deliver online cloud storage services for any business. It offers users the capability to adjust documents online, maintain accounts of different users and so on. The business option starts at 200 gigabytes storage capacity. Some other services may be listed as online collaboration, distanced file delivery and technical support at all times.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

For those who are looking for cloud storage solutions for big businesses with a reasonable price, Amazon Simple Storage Service may be a good option. It provides improved features with different computing capabilities at a reasonable cost. Small entrepreneurs will have the chance to access the same cloud utilized by Amazon, Netflix and others.

The infrastructure offered is secure, reliable and as fast as what is offered to big clients. Entrepreneurs are now able to both save and deliver documents, media, apps as well as other files while installing backup, archiving and recovering from disasters and controlling their website on the servers of Amazon.

The service is free with 5 gigabytes of storage and 15 gigabytes of data transfer per year.

Backup Vault

The final choice is Backup Vault, which is designed to save your data. To be more specific, it will protect a lot of different files and is meant to be implemented as a backup for educational institutions. This company also offers email support at any time of the day in addition to call assistance.

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