Woman sheds 10 kg on 'rainbow diet'

By Nhu Ngoc   September 23, 2023 | 03:20 pm PT
Nguyen Thi Tuyet Huynh lost 10 kg in six months after following the “rainbow diet,” the basis of which is consuming colorful vegetables, for six months.

At 1.63-meter tall, Huynh, 22, used to weigh 62 kg. To lose weight, she tried many unhealthy methods, ranging from starving herself to exercising obsessively and using pills.

Huynh used to weigh 62 kg. Photo courtesy of Huynh

Huynh used to weigh 62 kg. Photo courtesy of Huynh

She then stuck to a diet of only chicken breast, boiled vegetables, and no carbohydrates. She also forced herself to exercise between three and four hours a day.

Her weight dramatically reduced after a month, but she still had more fat than muscle, so Huynh was not satisfied and continued to starve herself, as well as exercise intensively.

But the opposite effect was created when Huynh then began suffering from a binge-eating disorder not long after that. She ate even when she was not hungry at all. She then began to suffer from bulimia.

"I felt so guilty with my body that I tried forcing myself to vomit what I took in many times," Huynh said.

After a year living in these extreme and fluctuating unhealthy ways, she began to suffer from low blood pressure, exhaustion, stress, and the loss of her menstrual period.

Various studies have pointed out the downsides of anorexia. According to Healthline, those who starve themselves may experience decreased productivity resulting from a lack of energy, hair loss, insomnia, memory loss, stomach ulcers, and low blood sugar levels. A sudden cut down on favorite foods may also lead to pressure, anxiety and other mental problems.

The young woman then changed her mind when her weight bounced back to 62 kg. She started recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet plan, and subsequently began learning about nutrition. She dropped the habit of starving herself and started providing her body with all necessary nutrient groups in all of her daily meals.

One of the "formulas" she applied is known as the "rainbow diet." The method revolves around consuming foods of various colors. For example, Huynh prepares dishes made from green leafy vegetables, red, orange, and yellow fruits, white cauliflowers and beetroots, purple grapes, and brown rice.

Examples of Huynh’s meals that follow the rainbow diet method. Photo courtesy of Huynh

Examples of Huynh’s meals that follow the rainbow diet method. Photo courtesy of Huynh

Research conducted by the Santa Clara County’s Senior Nutrition Program in California has shown that food of each color may have a different effect on health.

Purple vegetables and fruits may help enhance memory, improve skin conditions, and prevent aging. Green vegetables and fruits may improve eyesight and immune system functions.

Meanwhile, their yellow and orange counterparts may also improve eyesight, skin conditions, and the immune system. Most red vegetables and fruits are beneficial for the circulatory and urinary system, and foods in white help control the cholesterol levels along with enhancing the bones.

Thus, the rainbow diet plan provides eaters with a subsequent amount of vitamins and antioxidants, while helping them control their weight.

Other diet methods Huynh applied included "eating clean" and the calorie deficit diet. While the former prioritizes the consumption of raw, unprocessed plant-based foods, the latter revolves around burning more calories than the body takes in.

The young woman also takes additional probiotics into her body to enhance her metabolism, which was partly damaged by the unhealthy habits she had in the past.

In parallel with maintaining a healthy diet, Huynh also goes to the gym four to five times a week. She tries building muscles in all of her body parts, and does not force herself to over-exercise.

Huynh now weighs 52 kg and has a toned body. Photo courtesy of Huynh

Huynh now weighs 52 kg and has a toned body. Photo courtesy of Huynh

Huynh’s body weight decreased from 62 kg to 52 kg after six months. She now has a toned body, and her health has improved significantly.

Based on what she has been through, Huynh advises people to consult with an expert and thoroughly research the health effects of weight loss methods to find the one right for them.

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