Will consuming soy milk make my breasts bigger?

April 18, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
Many believe that consuming soy milk helps make a woman’s breasts bigger, and it can be especially effective for adolescents who are undergoing puberty. Is this correct? (Mai, Thai Binh)


Soybeans contain isoflavone, which belongs to the phytoestrogen group (also known as plant-based estrogen). Therefore, many people, especially women, believe that soybean-derived food can help their breasts grow bigger.

This is in fact not correct. There is no evidence showing that phytoestrogen can make your breasts bigger, as the level of isoflavone found in soybeans is not high, and thus, not largely effective.

Consuming a lot of soy milk can lead to smoother skin indeed, but there will not be any considerable effects on your breasts. On a side note, those who are under thyroid treatment should limit their soy milk intake.

In addition to that, a woman’s breasts size is determined by her estrogen level, pectoralis muscle system, adipose tissue, and mammary glands. Additional contributing factors could include genetics, nutrition, and changes during puberty.

Generally, breasts size is not likely to be linked with body measurements, because body parts don’t observe the same growth rates. In fact, there are skinny people having large breasts as their mammary gland and adipose tissues are developed, and vice versa.

Those who are not confident with their breast size can consult with a reputable surgeon to improve their measurements and gain confidence.

Dr. Pham Duy Linh

Department of Plastic Surgery, Duc Giang General Hospital

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