Is it good to eat bread and condensed milk for breakfast?

May 28, 2023 | 03:45 pm PT
My family often eats bread dipped in condensed milk in the morning because it is quick and convenient. But is it okay to eat it on a regular basis? (Linh, 36, Hanoi).

Bread dipped in condensed milk as an option for breakfast is popular with many people because of its convenience and its energy content. However, it should not be consumed continuously.

Bread contains a lot of starch, while condensed milk contains a huge amount of sugar and fat. The combination of these two provides an excess of calories and the risk of obesity.

Adults should only eat 1-2 times a week and each portion should only contain a reasonable amount. Pregnant women, overweight, obese, or diabetic people should restrain from eating too much of this type of food.

Pregnant women are particularly at risk of gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease, while this food does not provide much nutrition for the fetus. Patients with diabetes can replace white with brown bread, paired with other types of milk.

You can give children bread with fresh milk instead of condensed milk. Additionally, as a change, you can make egg sandwiches or sliced bread with omelets. The starch from bread combined with protein, fat in the eggs and oil, vitamins and minerals from vegetables such as papaya, tomato, cucumber, and coriander help make a diverse and balanced breakfast.

Breakfast is very important. Besides eating for enough energy in the day, it is necessary to incorporate a variety of food, especially fiber in vegetables and fruits.

Doctor Nguyen Trong Hung from the National Institute of Nutrition

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