Can animal-infused alcohol boost your virility?

May 14, 2023 | 11:59 pm PT
My husband says drinking liquor infused with animals such as lizards and sea horses can boost a man’s sex drive, so he often infuses them himself for daily consumption.

Recently, he has often had stomach problems, indigestion and loss of appetite after every session.

Can you tell me whether drinking animal-infused alcohol really does improve a man’s virility?

(Mai, 28, Hanoi)


Many people think medicinal liquor made from rare animals can improve virility. But according to the Ministry of Health, in cases of poisoning caused by alcohol, 42% are due to drinks of unknown origin; 36% from "medicinal" liquor made by infusing herbs and plants; and 10% from infusing animals and organs such as Asian hornets, chameleon lizards and animal gall bladders.

Any alcohol abuse, even medicinal liquor, will negatively affect your health.

There is no proof that consuming animal-infused liquor can improve virility. Drinking alcohol of unknown origin can also lead to hepatitis, jaundice, kidney failure and hypertension.

With animal-infused alcohol, the alcohol level might decrease over time, causing the protein secreted from the animal to become spoiled and contaminated, increasing the risk of poisoning.

This is without even mentioning that many of the carnivores used for infusions such as rat snakes and frogs might carry parasites in their fur, skin and stomach.

To have a better sex life, a man should exercise more often to improve his cardiovascular system, stimulate the muscles, detoxify the body, and improve his health. He should eat a balanced diet, focused on fruits and vegetables and drink 2 liters of water daily.

It’s important to keep a healthy lifestyle, avoid stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes, and sleep from 7 to 8 hours daily.

Try to maintain an active sex life that is appropriate for your health and needs. If there are abnormalities in your sex life, both husband and wife should see a doctor as soon as possible, instead of using medicinal alcohol.

Dr. Phan Chi Thanh

Department of Medical Examination, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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