Celebrity brides show style with wedding bouquets

By Hang Tran   November 8, 2023 | 01:30 am PT
Supermodel Thanh Hang and actress Ngo Thanh Van are among a group of famous brides that used elegant bouquets made from imported flowers at their weddings.

Supermodel Thanh Hang’s peony bouquet

Supermodel Thanh Hang (R). Photo courtesy of NgoiSao

Supermodel Thanh Hang (R). Photo courtesy of NgoiSao

The supermodel was seen holding a bouquet made from peonies, a symbol of fortune and love, imported from New Zealand, at her wedding to conductor Tran Nhat Minh, 42, in Ho Chi Minh City on Oct. 22.

Consisting of eight flowers of various colors, alongside other decorative plants, the bouquet is estimated to cost the supermodel millions of dong (VND1 million equals $41), as a single peony is reportedly selling for around VND500,000, according to the wedding’s flower supplier.

Hang, 40, was born Pham Thi Thanh Hang in Da Nang. She became Miss Photo Vietnam in 2002, then began a professional modeling career.

She has hosted the reality show Vietnam's Next Top Model for many years, and she also coached on the 2018 reality show The Face.

With two decades of modeling experience, she is considered one of the top supermodels in Vietnam.

In addition to modeling, Hang has also starred in several movies and TV series, including: "Nhung Co Gai Chan Dai" (Girls With Long Legs), "Tuyet Nhiet Doi" (Tropical Snow) and "Nu Hon Than Chet" (Kiss of the Death).

Actress Ngo Thanh Van’s lily of the valley bouquet

Actress Ngo Thanh Van. Photo from Vans Instagram

Actress Ngo Thanh Van. Photo from Van's Instagram

Van chose a bouquet made from her favorite flower, lily of the valley, for her wedding in coastal Da Nang city last year with chef-businessman Huy Tran, 33. Sources said the flowers were imported from The Netherlands, and the actress’ entourage had to prepare twice the needed amount of flowers, since lilies of the valley don’t preserve well, especially given the tropical climate of Vietnam.

According to knowledge portal Knowinsiders, lily of the valley ranks ninth worldwide in terms of top selling prices, due to its rarity as a wild flower that can be harvested only once a year. Buyers are expected to spend between US$15-50 for a bouquet of it.

Also known as "the return of happiness," lily of the valley is a popular choice for wedding bouquets.

Van, 44, moved to Norway with her mother in 1995, before returning to Vietnam and starting her career in the entertainment industry in 1999.

She has appeared in various domestic and Hollywood movies, including "Dong Mau Anh Hung" (The Rebel), "Bay Rong" (Clash), "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny," "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," and "The Creator."

In 2015, she started working as a movie producer.

Actress Puka’s dandelion bouquet

Actress Puka. Photo from Pukas Instagram

Actress Puka. Photo from Puka's Instagram

The actress is believed to be the first Vietnamese celebrity to use a bouquet made from dandelions, which she did at her beach wedding with singer Gin Tuan Kiet, 29, on Nov. 4.

It is reported that her entourage spent an entire month coming up with a plan to avoid damaging the bouquet, as dandelions are well-known for their delicacy.

It reportedly took the actress’ entourage 20 days collecting 23 dandelion "units" from different cities across Vietnam to complete the bouquet.

The total cost of the bouquet was VND5 million.

Dandelions represent the innocence and freshness of love, as well as spousal trust for one another.

Born Nguyen Kieu Cam Tho, Puka, 34, is a renowned actress. She has won various acting awards throughout her career.

Model Dam Thu Trang’s succulent bouquet

Model Dam Thu Trang. Photo from Trangs Instagram

Model Dam Thu Trang. Photo from Trang's Instagram

The model used two different bouquets throughout her wedding ceremony with businessman Nguyen Quoc Cuong in 2019, of which one was made from succulent plants, and the other flowers. The bouquet was created by Khoi Ha, the 2016 Vietnam International Floral Expo flower arrangement contest winner.

Succulent plants symbolize eternal love that never changes over time.

Trang, 34, made it to the top 20 of the 2010 Miss Vietnam pageant and the top 6 of the 2010 Vietnam's Next Top Model contest. She has cut down on her screen activities since she married Cuong, 41.

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