February 28, 2019 | 02:20 am PT

Trump-Kim summit souvenirs sell like hot cakes

Trump-Kim summit souvenirs sell like hot cakes
Glass bottles with Trump and Kim printed on have sold thousands of units. Photo by VnExpress

Coins, T-shirts, glass bottles and magnets featuring Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un sold by the thousands on release.

A representative of the 68 Import and Export Company told VnExpress several thousand orders have been received for their Trump-Kim printed glass bottles. 

The bottles are souvenirs, to be used, displayed, or brought on trips. 

"We thought of this idea right after the summit was announced," said the representative. "The first batch is already sold out. We’re bringing in a second now." 

 The bottle with the picture of either Trump or Kim costs VND56,000 ($2.41), while one featuring both of them costs VND66,000 ($2.84).

Coins printed with the faces of the two leaders, cups, keychains, and magnets are also selling very well, said Nguyen Trung Hai, CEO of the 3A Gift Company. He said these products were meant to epitomize the general feeling of pride that Vietnam was hosting the second Trump-Kim Summit. 

At the same time, the company also wants to convey a message "for peace" to international friends, Hai added. 

"At first we weren’t worried about how many we were going to sell. We just wanted to join in with the general atmosphere. However, we were caught by surprise with the sheer number of orders we received. As a result we’ve decided to produce 1000 units for each product," he said.

Conis and keychains featuring Trump and Kim have also been very popular. Photo by VnExpress

Coins and keychains featuring Trump and Kim have been very popular over the last few days. Photo by VnExpress

A metal coin featuring both leaders produced by 3A is priced at VND200,000 ($8.61) each, copper magnets and key rings cost VND50,000 ($2.15) each. The metal coin has a diameter of 40 mm, with Trump and Kim on one side and a handshake image on the other.

Hai said their porcelain cups were glazed with high quality with a Trump-Kim picture on one side and national flags and the words "US – North Korean Summit in Hanoi" on the other. 

Customers, local and foreign, have also responded enthusiastically to T-shirts and pens with images of the two leaders.

A few days ago, the Vietnam Stamp Company issued 300 silver coins worth VND 500,000 ($21.50) each. The 3.5m diameter coins commemorating the Trump-Kim summit, called "World Peace", are made with pure silver.

The Vietnam Stamp Company issues silver coins to commemorate the Trump-Kim Summit. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Stamp Company

Silver coins made by the Vietnam Stamp Company to commemorate the Trump-Kim Summit. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Stamp Company

Printed on one side are pigeons, the symbol of world peace, with olive branches and the flags of Vietnam, the U.S. and North Korea. On the other side is a lotus flower with the dates of the historic summit.

Thi Ha