Yang Zi criticized for advertising shampoo in wig

By Nguyen Huong   November 15, 2023 | 06:12 pm PT
Chinese top actress Yang Zi has been the target of “false advertising” criticisms ever since she appeared in a shampoo commercial wearing a wig.
Chinese actress Yang Zi. Photo from Yang Zi Vietnam Fanpages Facebook

Chinese actress Yang Zi. Photo from Yang Zi Vietnam Fanpage's Facebook

According to Chinese news site Sinchew, many Internet users have accused the actress of "misleading consumers."

Appearing with a thick, flawlessly straight, long black hairstyle in a promotional video for a shampoo, Yang said in the video that she achieved her admirable hair thanks to the product featured.

Ironically enough, she was subsequently exposed for wearing a wig in the ad, as viewers figured out that Yang appeared at a public event earlier this month with thin short hair, contrary to the image in the commercial video.

The subsequent backlash has been mostly aimed at the actress, with many also questioning the legitimacy of the product and the advertiser as well.

She has not publicly commented on the issue.

Yang, 31, started her acting career aged seven. She has since become one of the top actresses in China with appearances in such hits as "Ode to Joy," "Ashes of Love," and "Go Go Squid!"

She ranked eighth on the Forbes magazine "China Celebrity 100" list in 2021.

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