Vietnamese supermodel proposes to boyfriend

By Tan Cao   November 26, 2023 | 02:48 am PT
The 32-year-old supermodel Minh Tu said she has proposed to her German boyfriend as she does not want to lose him.

Tu shared that she proposed to her boyfriend Christopher, 42, at a restaurant in Germany, but did not reveal the exact date.

Supermodel Minh Tu and her boyfriend Christopher during a trip. Photo courtesy of Tu

Supermodel Minh Tu and her boyfriend Christopher during a trip. Photo courtesy of Tu

According to the model, she told Christopher that she had always felt his care and love for her, which made him never give up on their relationship. She then asked him in German while popping out a ring: "Will you marry me?"

As his response, Christopher laughed, hugged, and gave the model his hands so that she could put the ring on his finger.

The model added that she never thought men should always be the ones in charge or proposing. As Christopher gave her proposal a nod, she said she started to plan for their wedding ceremony.

"I’m trying my best to prepare things and will keep my followers updated," she said. "My close friends in the entertainment industry have been getting married one by one recently, leaving me excited for my turn."

Supermodel Minh Tu. Photo from Tus Instagram

Supermodel Minh Tu. Photo from Tu's Instagram

Tu was born Nguyen Minh Tu in Ho Chi Minh City. Her modeling career started gaining recognition as she won the silver prize in the 2013 Vietnam Supermodel contest before finishing as the runner-up of the Asia’s Next Top Model contest.

She represented Vietnam and made it to the top 10 of the 2018 Miss Supranational pageant.

Tu publicized her relationship with Christopher in 2021 and revealed that they started dating in 2013.

Supermodel Minh Tu proposes to her boyfriend Christopher. Video courtesy of Minh Tu

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