Vietnamese model back together with American entrepreneur

By Thien Anh   April 29, 2023 | 05:09 pm PT
Vietnamese model Co Ngan has revealed that she got back together with her American entrepreneur boyfriend Wynn Katz about 18 months ago.
Co Ngans 75-year-old boyfriend drives her around on April 26, 2023. Photo from Ngans Instagram

Co Ngan's 75-year-old boyfriend drives her around on April 26, 2023. Photo from Ngan's Instagram

Co, 29, said that during the pandemic, due to social distancing rules, she and her now 75-year-old boyfriend Wynn Katz were having to maintain a long-distance relationship, which led to frequent arguments.

After Katz's 73rd birthday in the summer of 2021, the couple had a huge row and did not talk for weeks before deciding to end their relationship.

"I was stressed about not having an American visa despite waiting for a year. Our work and plans had to be postponed as Vietnam and the US closed international borders. At the end of 2021, after I was scheduled for an interview for the American visa, I felt better," said Co in an interview with Ngoi Sao on Thursday.

"Around this time, Wynn also started to text and check up on me frequently. Both of us had not dated anyone else until that time, so we decided to get back together. Only a few close connections of ours knew that we started to date again."

On Monday, Co reunited with her septuagenarian lover in the United States after three years apart. The couple is now staying in Los Angeles, California.

Co revealed that she flew to the United States three days after her visa was granted, and didn't have enough time to arrange her work in Vietnam.

"I only informed my mother and younger brother about my plans. I haven’t thought about immigration and will probably just stay for a few months. We do not have any marriage plans either, as we argue a lot. Everything will have to wait for its right moment," Co said.

The couple first met in 2019 when Katz was visiting Vietnam on business after talking to each other on Instagram. The billionaire was impressed with Co’s honesty and liberal views.

Before returning to the United States, Katz confessed his love to the young model and promised to give her everything she wanted.

But Co turned him down as they had only known each other for a short time

Love-struck Katz didn't give up and continued chasing her until she accepted his advances.

Since then, the couple have gone on trips to various places including Cambodia, Singapore and China.

Co is staying with her billionaire boyfriend in a villa in Los Angeles. Photo from Ngans Instagram

Co is staying with her billionaire boyfriend in a villa in Los Angeles. Photo from Ngan's Instagram

Due to their busy schedules, Co stays in Vietnam while Katz stays in the United States, in what is largely a long-distance relationship. Despite promising to go on trips together once a month, Katz has not been able to spend much time with his girlfriend which has left him insecure.

In June 2019, the aging billionaire proposed to Co while the couple were on vacation in Seoul, South Korea. They later had an engagement party at a six-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Katz is the owner and designer behind Rough Roses, a fashion brand famous for handbags and leather belts. Co is a well-known model.

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