Vietnamese bust out dance moves in 'Wednesday' viral TikTok trend

By Dang Khoa   December 14, 2022 | 09:59 pm PT
Content creators in Vietnam are showing off their dance covers and cosplaying skills as the "Wednesday" dance craze storms TikTok.

Many local content creators have been dressing up as Wednesday Addams (played by actress Jenna Ortega) to do the dance that has gone viral on TikTok since the dark comedy "Wednesday" became a worldwide hit.

TikToker Bui Thao Ly posted a video last week of her recreating the trending TikTok dance in a black dress and gothic makeup to make her look like the character Wednesday from the hit series. After just six days, the 20-second video had been watched more than 9.8 million times, garnering more than 860,000 likes.

In the TikTok comment section, many people complimented her with comments like "I love your dance moves" or "You look so much like Wednesday." Heart emojis were appended to the comments.

Vietnamese content creators dance and share makeup look inspired by hit series Wednesday on TikTok. Photo courtesy of Bui Thao Ly and Linh Ngoc Dam

Vietnamese content creators on TikTok copy the dance and makeup inspired by the hit Netflix series "Wednesday." Photo courtesy of Bui Thao Ly and Linh Ngoc Dam

Ly is among a slew of content creators who have joined the viral TikTok dance craze. The trend of cosplaying as Wednesday Addams has taken social media by storm, especially on TikTok, with many people showing off their make-up transformations and dance moves that were inspired by a scene from the popular show. These videos quickly went viral and amassed millions of views and thousands of likes and comments.

Video game streamer Linh Ngoc Dam also hopped on this trend by sharing a TikTok video of her playing the cello while striking poses beside fashionista Khanh Linh. The TikTok video of the two influencers copying Wednesday and Morticia Addams, her mother, has raked in over 1.3 million views and more than 110,000 likes after just three days.

Both influencers said they had to jump on the bandwagon after seeing the trend spread all over social media. The two told local media that it took them two days to prepare their costumes, make-up and props for the photo shoot.

They went for a ghostly black look from head to toe, using smoky eye makeup to stay as true as possible to the image of Wednesday Addams and her mother.

Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam (L) and fashionista Khanh Linh cosplay at Wednesday Addams and Morticia Addams. Photo courtesy of Linhs Facebook

Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam (L) and fashionista Khanh Linh cosplay as Wednesday Addams and Morticia Addams. Photo courtesy of Linh's Facebook page

In addition to videos of makeup transformations and dance covers, some content creators have added a cultural twist to the trend.

Le Ich Anh, a Vietnamese artist better known by his stage name Pao, turned heads when he dropped creative paintings of Wednesday at Vietnam's tourist hotspots of Da Nang and the ancient town of Hoi An.

He wrote on Facebook that he has long been a fan of the Addams Family series, including the movie version in 1991 and the animated version in 2019. So when he heard there is a new spinoff of the series on Netflix, he was stoked and decided to create these paintings to support the show.

Vietnamese artist Le Ich Anhs artwork of fictional charcter Wednesday Addams in Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam Province. Photo courtesy of the artist

Vietnamese artist Le Ich Anh's artwork of fictional character Wednesday Addams in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. Photo courtesy of the artist

"Your paintings look amazing," Facebooker Tran Duc Tai wrote in the comment section.

Phan Duc Huy, another Facebooker, wrote: "I hope you will make paintings of Sister Wednesday visiting Landmark 81 and the Bitexco Tower in HCMC."

Vietnamese viewers love the latest "Addams Family" spinoff so much that they gave Wednesday the nickname Chi Tu, which means "The Fourth Sister" or "Sister Wednesday."

Movie fans all over the world, including those in Vietnam, fell in love with the series after it came out on Netflix on November 23, making the series one of the most popular programs in Netflix history.

According to Variety, "Wednesday" has officially become the third title to exceed 1 billion hours viewed on Netflix within one month — only "Squid Game" and season four of "Stranger Things" have also done this.

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