Vietnamese-American wedding goes viral for ultra-extravagant gifts

By Hang Tran   August 3, 2023 | 10:20 pm PT
Linnie Phan and Jimmy Phan went viral for two lavish wedding ceremonies, one that cost VND21 billion ($884,000) and one in which they received 26 pieces of land as gifts.
Linnie Phan and Jimmy Phan during their Hue wedding ceremony. Photo from Linnie Phan’s Instagram

Linnie Phan and Jimmy Phan during their wedding ceremony in Hue. Photo from Linnie Phan’s Instagram

The almost-million-dollar ceremony, with decor inspired by the movie "Alice in Wonderland," was held in the U.S. last month. Flowers and the shape of butterflies were used as main decoration items in the ceremony.

The couple then held another "Alice in Wonderland"-themed ceremony in Linnie’s hometown, the former imperial capital of Hue, later in the month.

They donated all the money they received as gifts.

Among the 26 land lots given to the couple during their Hue wedding ceremony, five were from Jimmie’s father, 20 were from Linnie’s mother, and one was from Linnie’s grandmother.

Linnie and Jimmy are given 26 certificates of land use rights as wedding gifts. Photo courtesy of Linnie and Jimmy

Linnie and Jimmy receiving 26 land deeds as wedding gifts. Photo courtesy of Linnie and Jimmy

A video of the couple receiving the gifts was uploaded to TikTok and has accumulated around 93,000 views on the platform.

Speaking to her newfound fame and riches, Linnie said the rewards of the wedding were not earned easily.

"I was not born with a golden spoon," Linnie said after her wedding ceremony became popular. "I sent part of my salary to my mother every month over the past seven years, which she used to buy these real estate properties to give me now."

Linnie, 32, is an eyebrow tattooist. Her Instagram account has over 300,000 followers.

Jimmy, 41, is a businessman and real estate investor.

The couple first dated in 2013 and split after six months. They met each other again in 2020, this time realizing they were "born for each other," before getting married.

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