Tenant leaves Thai apartment in stinking hoarded filth

By Linh Le   October 11, 2023 | 04:55 pm PT
A young woman recently skipped rent and left an apartment she rented in Thailand chock full of an overwhelming amount of rotten garbage and other waste and trash.

The landlord, Artter Ratcha, uploaded to his Facebook account a video of the veritable trash-dump’s worth of a landfill that the tenant left behind, reported Singaporean news site Must Share News.

Hills of trash inside Ratchas apartment. Photo from Ratcha’s Facebook

Hills of trash inside Ratcha's apartment. Photo from Ratcha’s Facebook

He said the female tenant had never paid her rent on time throughout her stay. She occasionally brought her boyfriend to the property, and she raised a pet cat in violation of the condominium’s rules. Fellow residents often complained about her.

Ratcha’s patience eventually ran out after several months and he asked the woman to move out, to which she agreed. However, she kept giving reasons to delay returning the accommodation to Ratcha. Excuses ranged from she had "not completed collecting her belongings" to she wanted "to fix the broken bathroom before giving the apartment back."

The kind landlord then decided that he had enough and announced that the tenant would be evicted with or without her belongings. But he’d never imagined what he might find in the vacated unit after she left.

When Ratcha opened the apartment door, welcoming him was a barely visible floor covered in piles of clothes, plastic bottles, food wrappers, and more filthy objects. Maggots could even be spotted amidst the mess, reported Singaporean news site 8world News.

Ratcha claimed that one of the cleaners he hired almost vomited when she entered the apartment.

Ratcha concluded his video by revealing the face of his old tenant. The landlord said he had learned his lesson the hard way: he would now need to select tenants much more carefully for his apartment in the future.

Hills of trash inside Ratcha's apartment. Video from Ratcha's Facebook

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